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How to Build a Stationary Dock

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If you want to build a stationary dock to put in the lake at your home (because a park wouldn't be too happy if you built it there) you'll need a few tools. These include hammers, nails, and of course the wood!

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How to Build a Stationary Dock?

Building a stationary dock is definately a wonderful summer project! Imagine how much it will effect the enjoyability of your house by the lake. I have found the perfect article for you to assist you in this effort. You can find the article at: http:… More »

How to build a small wooden dock on a small lake?

1. Cut the Styrofoam planks in half from 48 inches long down to 24-inch sections. Put these 20-by-24-inch sections aside. 2. Use two 8-foot 2-by-4s to frame the sides, laying them 2 feet apart from each other on their thinnest edge. 3. Cut five 22-in… More »

How Do I Drive Dock Pilings?

Driving dock pilings usually requires professional help and equipment. Still, before you invest in pile driving services there are preliminary steps you must take. Choose Dock Pilings When choosing your dock pilings, you want them to be long enough t… More »

How to build your own stationary dock?

1. Contact your county or town’s planning department or clerk to see if any building permits are necessary before starting the project. You may need a construction permit or zoning clearance before constructing the dock, especially if you live in a p… More »

How to build a small stationary boat dock?

1. Pick the spot where your dock will rest on shore. It should be a spot that’s dry even when the water level is highest. Mark a four-foot line in the ground parallel to the shore. 2. Measure 12 feet out into the water from one corner of the line, an… More »

How to build a floating dock?

1. Frame the dock by cutting the 2-by-10 boards to whatever size dock you desire. Join corners with galvanized steel corner brackets; mark holes, drill and bolt corners to wood pieces. 2. Use a 2-inch block of wood as a spacer, and repeat the process… More »

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