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How do Daffodils Reproduce

You may have similar questions as When Should I Cut Back My Daffodils and How Do Daffodils Reproduce,or you may also seek several useful information about How Does The Plant Daffodil Reproduce. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to How Do Daffodils Propagate,too. Read more as following:

A daffodil will reproduce itself by cloning its bulbs underground. They can also reproduce through pollination. There are only a few flowers and plants that are able to reproduce through cloning by the bulbs.

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How to cut back and divide daffodils?

1. Wait until 10 to 12 weeks after your daffodil blooms fade before dividing bulbs. Allow the foliage to turn yellow and lie limp on the ground. This gives the plants time to store food from their foliage to use to form flowers on next year’s plants…. More »

How do daffodils reproduce?

sexually. okay, the honest truth is that the bulbs produce ‘buds’ (ofshoots) which mature into new bulbs…. More »

How does the plant daffodil reproduce?

Daffodil reproduction Daffodils reproduce by forming new bulbs…. More »

How do daffodils and other bulbs reproduce?

Some plants, such as oriental poppy, can be propagated from pieces of their roots, termed root cuttings. However, pieces of roots from true bulbs could not be used as root cuttings. A true bulb is not a modified root. It consists of a short stem term… More »

How do Tulips Reproduce?

Once you plant a tulip bulb, it will naturally reproduce each year. Depending on how deep it’s buried, it will either produce new bulbs or will regrow from the same bulb. For more information see here: … More »

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  1. Gabrielc97 says:

    I know that they reproduce sexually using flowers and asexually using bulbs. Can anyone tell me why this helps them be very successful plants?

  2. Hugo96 says:

    They have to reproduce easily and relatively quickly, and be sold at plant stores, such as Hicks.

    10 points for the best answer!

  3. Laurel says:

    How do bulbous plants reproduce and form new bulbs? When my tulips or daffodils wilt, I don’t see any seeds or bulbs forming. Are all bulbs perennials?

  4. Brittany Little M.d. says:

    I’m never sure whether to leave them to produce seed heads which I understand may take energy from the bulb. I understand that one practice is to tie them over after flowering. Also I’m not sure how long to wait before strimming them to ground level as they are part of my lawn. Any advice?

  5. Master says:

    but they must have seeds inside the bulbs?

  6. Dave says:

    I want to make my garden safe for my 2 rabbits and would like to put in plants that my rabbits can safely eat

  7. Miguel B says:

    I have several garden books that say to dead head flowers once they start to die ‘unless you want your flowers to nauralize’. Well, maybe I do and maybe I don’t…First I have to know what ‘naturalize’ is, one thing both books leave out.

  8. Arlene says:

    How can a plant grow without a masculine or feminine side?

  9. Sketcher024 says:

    i bought these daffodills 9 years ago and they bloomed great for 3 or 4 years after that they come up and bud ed but they will not bloom any more .Why will they not bloom any more.?
    please let me know your opinon.

  10. Snowflake says:

    If you know the answers to any part of this question, I will take it. site your source please.

  11. Lucia says:

    I have a school project to find out about plants that use both sexual and asexual reproduction, does anyone know an plants that do this?

  12. Liveitup says:

    I can’t find the answer anywhere, could you please help?
    and how do they reproduce?
    10 points.

  13. Runnergurl says:

    and give a detailed description of the methods used

  14. Mindy Reasor says:

    Im not that familiar with breeding of plants etc but was wondering what are the limits to what can be done through selective breeding?Can any flower be bred until it produces a giant version many generations down the line?

  15. Catgirl says:

    they have to be able to be cloned some how. i see that they are costly and i like a few but can’t afford alot and i have some big gardens at my new home. i would like to clone or duplicate these flower bulbs that i have purchased

  16. Beth Barnes says:


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