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How does Caffeine Affect the Growth of a Plant

You may have such questions as How Does Caffeine Affect Plant Growth and How Does Caffeine Affect Bean Plant Growth,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Affects Plant Growth. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Effects of Caffeine on Plants,too. Read more as following:

Caffeine, itself, does not necessarily affect plant growth. However, the potassium content in coffee does affect the plants as a nutrient. Some people claim that caffeine helps plants to grow, however, others insist it is how you treat plants that affects their growth.

How does Caffeine Affect Plant Growth?

Coffee grinds are high in nitrogen which is a main ingredient in plant fertilizer and results have shown the coffee grinds can stimulate plant growth. However, because coffee is quite acidic, it's advised that you mix it with something alkaline befor... More »

How Does caffeine affect bean plant growth?

yes it affect the growth.... More »

What Affects Plant Growth?

Many things affect a plant's ability to grow. Sunlight is usually the first consideration, planting a full sun plant under a large oak tree isn't a good idea. Another consideration is the amount of water it needs. Finally, be sure the plant can toler... More »

How does Salt Affect Plant Growth?

Plants use water for photosynthesis, they transport water from their roots to the stem and leaves. Salt around the roots withdraws moisture from the water and kills many plants.... More »

How does gravity affect plant growth?

When plants grow their stem and their leaves grow upward while their roots grow downward. The Direction that a plant grows has nothing to do with the way that you plant the seed .The stem always find their way down. The Stem knows how to find their w... More »

How does Rotation Affect Plant Growth?

Rotation affects a plant by the side that is getting more Sun. So it must be rotated to get all the Sun possible. This is good for the plant to learn its environment.... More »


  1. Jason K Reply:

    Plant Science (PS)

  2. Beth Barnes Reply:

    how does caffeine affect plant growth? then we take three plants three different drinks of caffeine and water with that!!!!!

  3. Amber Mabery Reply:

    my sister gives it to her kids all the time ages 1 and 4. i thought with all the caffeine in it that it was a bad idea.

  4. Ratatattatfor Reply:

    Could it be both?

  5. Lovemyhorse Reply:

    i am doing a science fair project and i need to know why caffeine affects plant growth. and if miracle grow or just normal water would work

  6. Bluewaterwitch Reply:

    i need help. Im using mongo plant as the main specimen. can you give certain reason why should I use mongo plant as the main specimen?

  7. Shannon Reply:

    Please explain it is for a project and I can’t find anything.

  8. Leandra Reply:

    Please help, its for my science project 2morrow

  9. Jazmin Reply:

    to be more specific-radish seeds
    levels of caffeine in coffee- decaf, high caffeine, and regular

  10. Alexescapes Reply:

    i am feeding a control with 3 parts water
    and three other plants with 2 parts (coffee, mountain dew, and sprite) “drink x” and one part water

    Please please
    I need background information for this topic ASAP
    thank you

  11. Gargar Reply:

    Please cite your sources, you don’t actually have to tell me any info. I just need to find information.

  12. Ziad Reply:

    Im doing a biology project and i am trying to figure out what types of carbonated drinks would affect plant growth.

  13. Keegan Reply:

    Please give me some details on how those liquids would affect plant growth. It would also be helpful if you could source a good site that goes in pretty good detail.


  14. Nyah Reply:

    What, in coffee or Gatorade affect the growth of a tomato plant? And how? Thanks :-)

  15. Lexi ? Reply:

    I was wondering how caffeine affects the growth of plants. Does it cause them to slow down or speed up. I have found some things that said it slows the growth down and some that say speed it up. Which is correct? Thanks for your help.

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