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How does Music Affect Plant Growth

You may have similar questions as Do Plants Grow Better with Music and Does Music Make Plants Grow,or you may also seek several useful information about Does Music Affect the Way Plants Grow. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Effect of Different Kinds of Music on Plant Growth,too. Read more as following:

It has been said by a number of scientists that music will help plants grow better. There's no evidence as to how, but the why is simple. Plants are living beings too, and enjoy music just as much as people!

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Do plant grow better with music?

No.Bull*hit… More »

Why does music make plants grow taller?

Studies on the effects of music on plant growth began as early as 1968 with Dorothy Retallack. She compared the effects of different types of music on plant growth, concluding that rock and acid rock had negative effects, while jazz, classical, pop a… More »

Does music affect the way plants grow?

In the early 1970s, Dorothy Retallack was a student at Denver’s Colorado Women’s College. Her majored in music, but she had to perform an experiment for a botany class. Combining her interest in music with the need to study plants, Retallack examined… More »

Does sound affect plant growth?

The one Biologist is correct about the vibration effect on the plant. Studies in China though have come up with the idea that classical music played loudly improved growth rate by 91% , rock music played loudly about 86%. Music played loudly was test… More »

How do plants reacts to different kinds of music?

they react to a lot of music and so die to some music…. More »

How does Music Affect Plant Growth?

Plants are wonderful things to have, but unfortunately do not benefit from music as humans do. Plants only need light, water, and air to survive. Plant growth will not be affected in any way from music playing nearby…. More »

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  1. Suki says:

    I am doing a science fair project! i’m in 8th grade and I need info about music affecting plant growth!

  2. Jo says:

    I have to do a science fair project for earth science and I was wondering if how music affects plant growth would be considered earth science. I saw they did something like it on Mythbusters and I thought it looked cool.

  3. Imma Getsleazyx says:

    Hi, i am doing a science fair project on if music affects the plants growth. that problem that i am having is that you cant have the plants side by side. I was thinking that I could use earphones would that work.

  4. Gigi says:

    I just got this thought, music affects plant growth right?
    Well does Stoner music like the doors and pink floyd and whatnot make pot grow better?

  5. Leandra says:

    well im doing my project on how music affects plant growth, any suggestions?

  6. Lhomme32 says:

    I am in 7th grade and i was going to do a science project about how music affected plant growth but my seeds did not sprout because it was too cold in my house. I now need an easy, quick, but 1st prize worthy science project that can be finished by about the end of this month. Thanks so much!

  7. Alanna Gabriel says:

    I’m doing a research paper on how music affects plants. I want to also say how it can help something like areas where plants have trouble growing or something like that. I need help with specific ideas and any other ideas I can write about with music affecting plants. Thanks.

  8. Jaz says:

    I tried searching for journals about experiment conducted on how music affecting plants but found nothing, only website with no good source.

  9. Sarah Pierson says:

    So theres the fact that classical music will enhance plant growth whereas rock music will hinder its growth? how and why? the more detailed, answer the better :)

  10. Philip says:

    It’s a science project I’m thinking of performing.
    So, is it possible that music affects the growth of a plant?

  11. Siick_dude says:

    Ok so I need help for a 7th graders science fair project
    Should I do
    Does sugar affect plant growth(since plants make their own sugar, glucose)
    Does music affect plant growth
    R these except able for 7th grade standards
    And do u have any other ideas that r better if so please list it thank u!

  12. Smileygirl says:

    I wonder if classical music can affect the growth of plants.

  13. Jacob says:

    ok, i was wondering if i should do this for my science fair project for class, and i need to know if the music affecting plants project is considered a high school level project.

    also, what plants should i use for the project?

  14. Mark Zuckerberg says:

    My sis is in 7th grade and she wants to know if this is a good science fair project idea. Does playing classical music affect the plants growth rate? She is going to get two of the same plants and play classical music for one and leave the other alone.

  15. Heather Raspern says:

    Our science fair project is whether music affects plant growth, which it does, and we need a catchy name. Right now it is “Does music affect plant growth???” And I think it’s dumb. Does anybody have a suggestion? HELP ME PLEASE! ITS DO TOMORROW!!!

  16. Andrew K says:

    What type of music does plants grow best under.
    Is noise also depended on???

  17. Tom says:

    is there any proof that plants can even respond to sound and music? If so, will plant growth be affected? I’ve heard that plants exposed to music grow better but I doubt that theory and Im interested to know more.

  18. Kalaichelvan says:


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