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How to Extract Oil from Plants

You may have such questions as How To Extract Oil From Plants and How Do Plants Grow,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Extract Kudzu Plant Oil. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Process of Extracting Oil from Plants,too. Read more as following:

To extract oil from plants you need to use a distillation system. You use steam from distillation system to collect drops of plant oil. Once drops start collect they fall in a collection bottle.

How to extract oil from plants?

1. Harvest plant material right before beginning the distillation process, to ensure it is at its freshest. Plants that sit after harvesting and before extracting essential oils can become desiccated and some of the essential oils can evaporate. 2. F... More »

How do Plant Grow?

Different plants grow in different ways. Some plants will vine out, while some stay short, others will grow tall and some don't even have to have dirt, but all of them will draw water and nutrients up through their roots in order to nourish the plant... More »

How to extract kudzu plant oil?

1. Use scissors to cut the kudzu vine. Cut several lengths of kudzu from the vine. Cut these pieces into shorter lengths of approximately 2 inches apiece, that will fit easily into your food processor. 2. Use a food processor to extract essential oil... More »

How to extract lavender oil from a lavender plant?

1. Harvest your lavender and cut the leaves, flowers, and stems (except woody stems) into one inch pieces or smaller. 2. Put the clean brick in the pot and put the measuring cup on the brick. 3. Put your lavender in the pan around the brick and cover... More »

How to extract oil from a peppermint plant?

1. Wash the peppermint leaves well and pat dry with a towel. Discard any bruised or wilted leaves. 2. Pack the leaves into a sealable fruit or canning jar. The leaves can be packed as tightly as you wish. 3. Pour vodka over the leaves until the jar i... More »

How to extract oil from the eucalyptus plant?

1. Place 2 cups of fresh leaves from the eucalyptus plant on a clean cutting board. Use a wooden mallet to bruise and slightly crush the leaves. Do not shred or pulverize. 2. Use a canning jar to store the leaves. Put the bruised leaves in a canning... More »


  1. Blaze Reply:

    Im thinking on growing some peppermint plants as ive heard so much about them,.I just wanted to know,Can i eat the leaves of the plant raw by just picking them and eating them?
    also,How can i extract the oil from them in my kitchen without expensive equipment?

  2. Wayne H Reply:

    Will one be able to design cosmetics (eg. extract oils; create perfumes, sunscreens etc.) and medicines (most medicines are plant based, or am I wrong?) or will that require more Inorganic Chemistry courses?


  3. Mary Reply:

    I want to create an extract of oils that originated from herbs such as passionflower and catnip and many others. Does anybody know how?

  4. Brian Reply:

    I want to extract the oils to make lemon balm oil. How would I do this, I have alot of lemon leaves!!

  5. Joe Reply:

    I am buying muslin herbal infusers to make tea from loose tea leaves and other dry herbs. I also read that these bags could be used to extract essential oils, which i would be interested in trying out. But I can’t find the actual steps on how to do that. Could anyone tell me how it is done?

  6. Xai Reply:

    I just need a name of an antibiotic /extract plant with an antibiotic effect. Must come from plants. No fungi and no lichen.

  7. Jacqueline Reply:

    I would like to know the recipe or step by step process of making cooking oil. Do I boil it and skim it or make a paste and press it? How do I make oil with no power appliances?

  8. Beckers Reply:

    I want to extract the oils from a red bell pepper and from dried green tea leaves but I don’t know how. I need it for a certain recipe but I want to make it homemade! Is it possible?
    I don’t think a blender would squeeze the extract from out of dried green tea leaves…I’ve tried that before lol

  9. Xai Reply:

    I want to extract the oils from a red bell pepper and from dried green tea leaves but I don’t know how. I need it for a certain recipe but I want to make it homemade! Is it possible?

  10. Bryan Reply:

    I live in a rich oregano area in Mexico. I know about the profits you can make processing this plant. Unfortunetely, I am not a Chemistry Specialist and I don’t know the exact process, and wich materials or equipment to use in order to extract the oil from the plant.
    Thanks in advance.

  11. Keke Reply:

    How do you make lavender oil? I have a lavender plant and was wondering how to extract the oil from it.

  12. Horsegal00 Reply:

    I would like to have a step by step instructional method on how a normal every day person could somehow extract catnip oil from their own personal catnip plant.

  13. Macy Reply:

    Or corn?
    I’m working on a new fuel…biofuel created by extracting said oil from plant seeds rather than distilling decaying plant matter…
    I am open to any ideas!
    Thanks for answering!

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