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How to Make Marijuana Plants Bud Quicker

You may have such questions as How Long Does a Marijuana Plant Take to Bud and Where Will the Buds Form on My Marijuana Plant,or you may also seek several helpful information about How to Grow Big Marijuana Buds. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Marijuana Buds Growing Outdoor,too. Read more as following:

If you want to make marijuana plants bud quicker you should increase the intensity of light on the plants. You should also look into the natural cycle of the plant to set the right conditions to make it bud.

How long does a marijuana plant take to bud?

Cannabis (marijuana plant) life cycle generally needs about two weeks of ...... More »

How do you get marijuana to grow big and healthy with big buds?

Proper lighting, soil nutrients, and quick cures to co...... More »

How long does it take for a pot plant to grow buds?

It takes 8-10 weeks after the plant flowers for buds to form. Than...... More »

Do male marijuana plants produce buds?

Male Marijuana plants do bud, just not the type you smoke, the bud of the male ...... More »


  1. Cetacea Reply:

    How likely is your plant going to succeed with flowering if I have “feminised” seeds.
    I know it has a lot to do with how I treat the plant while it’s growing… I just want a quick stat haha. Thank you

  2. Celeste Reply:
  3. Samuel Johnstone Reply:

    Can you get addicted? How to get rid of smell red eyes glossy eyes smell? How to get it out of your system quick? What is it like being high? What are the side effects?

  4. Herander Reply:

    i want to plant a marijuana plant in my room with no budget just using a big cup( or 2 gallon pot if needed), soil, water, and the sun. Is this possible with proper care?

  5. Milvia Reply:

    marijuana plant

  6. Giachetta Reply:

    alt. Ways to induce cannibus? Any ideas people?
    With quickest effects??
    Also does anyone know of a similar substance or plant that produces cannibus like effects?

  7. Paulina Reply:
  8. K Krazy Reply:

    waht is it and should i worry about my children getting ahold of it

  9. Coolguy25 Reply:

    I heard that it was something called cloning. So I need a quick answer because my dad brought home a branch and it’s still young and I would like to grow somewhere in my back yard. I smoked a couple of dry leaves right now, so I’m high xD

  10. Jitendra Reply:

    as far as the kind of high it gives and how it looks etc. please no anti marijuana nonsense.

  11. Gaz Reply:

    I have little green worms on my marijuana plants, how do I kill them

  12. Sam Reply:

    I want to grow marijuana for the first time but i need to do it outdoors with a fast harvest. what strain would you recomend? whens best to plant? Also i live in th UK so weather can be unpredictable. cool. answers very much appreciated.

  13. Kwame Reply:

    I was wondering how do you get more high off weed: by hitting the joint more or taking bigger hits when you do hit it. Kind of like working out with more reps or bigger weight but instead is it more hits or bigger hits?

  14. Memo Reply:

    BQ: what are the cons?

  15. Lovely Dork Reply:

    I live in Spain and my plants seem to be growing very quickly, does this mean that they will flower more quickly, or do they only flower at certain times of the year? I look on websites, and they all say september, but I think that only refers to an English climate.

  16. Mathew Reply:

    I was wondering if you can grow marijuana indoors with a clamp light like the household and reptile ones instead of a florescent strip and use a household 60 watt florescent bulb?

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