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What does Elderberry Plant Look Like

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This member of the honeysuckle family is a shrub that grows up to 13 feet high, with smooth, gray bark. Corky bumps cover the slender branches, and there is a spongy, white pith inside the twigs and branches.

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What does Elderberry Plant Look Like?

Elderberry is considered a shrub and it can grow up to 18 Ft tall .It is also covered in red, poisonous berries. It has white flowers and compound leaves that can be up to 3 ft long. … More »

How to propagate elderberry plants?

1. Gather elderberries when fully ripe. Spread them in a thin layer and allow them to remain there until they feel dry. 2. Put the dried fruit into a blender for a few seconds, just long enough to separate the seeds from the fruit. Place the seeds in… More »

How to plant elderberry bushes?

1. Check the pH range of the designated planting site. Elderberry bushes need to grow in soil with a pH range between 5.5 and 6.5. Purchase a soil testing kit from your local county extension office. Dig a six inch hole to collect samples at the bott… More »

How to recognize an elderberry plant?

1. Examine marshes, riverbeds and roadsides as these are the most common locations to find elderberries. In addition, elderberry plants grow in clusters and never alone. 2. Look for shrubs that have 3- to 4-inch long, green leaves with a serrated edg… More »

How to plant elderberries?

1. Amend the planting bed by working fertilizer or compost into the soil with a shovel. Elderberries have shallow roots, so it isn’t necessary to work the soil deeply. 2. Dig a hole deep enough to accommodate the plant roots. Place the dirt you remov… More »

How to find elderberry plants?

1. Look for elderberry at elevations between 3 and 3,000 meters. 2. Visit moist areas such as swamps, creek-sides or riverbeds, or near streams. Elderberry often grows alongside roads near the ditches where water can collect after rainfall. Also look… More »

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  1. Amber says:

    I want to plant elderberry in a pot and I am on the coast in southern CA. Will this work?



  2. Zombiesplicer says:

    I’m on a partial sun suburban plot of land in the southeastern U.S., actually Virginia. I know I can plant wormwood, mint, geraniums, and marigolds and use cedar chips to keep bugs away without using bug repellant. Also bug repelling candles, but we’re talking PLANTS here so focus! Thank you.

  3. Leah says:

    I arrived in Maine too late to locate bushes by the flowers. Does anyone know of elderberry bushes in the area of Lewiston, Topsham, Lisbon etc. large range will travel if necessary.

  4. Zalika says:

    I think this plant in my yard is a elderberry bush, but it may not be. Befor this year I have noticed a thing that produces large red berries that birds will not eat at all and I just cleared the aria out of weeds about a month ago. I live in Wisconsin. Can I eat this plant?

  5. Dr. Cichlidzzv says:

    it looks like a small bushy tree and is only about 12 feet in height grows slowly, and is in Missouri.

  6. Lauryn says:

    I put my guinea pig down in a box to clean it’s cage a few seconds later I hear some munching I look in the box to see that he was eating some leaves. He might have eaten 2-3.

  7. Damn says:

    I am looking for a live tree to put in my bird room, preferably one that is edible (leaves, bark, berries, flowers…etc). I have two parakeets and a few finches.

  8. Josh Smith G.o.a.t says:

    we have some bushes in the back yard. They are not edible blue berries but that’s what they look like. Do they flower? or what are they
    they are about 6 ft at this time, have long green leaves, in the spring they had tiny white clusters of flowers. I know they are not elderberry

  9. Jurri Garcia says:

    It has red drupes, but each of them have a little cross-like incision at the top. The leaves are simple, alternate.

  10. Kls76 says:

    I like in Kalamazoo Michigan and am looking to find elderberries to make elderberry tincture, so please help

  11. Brittany K says:

    I have been advised that I can’t use them for jam because they were grown along a main road and so would be full of toxins. We were thinking about wine or vodka – would the fermentation process counteract this at all?

    If not, looks like I’ll be planting another one next year.

  12. Bobjoefredsky says:

    Can I do anything? Do you have any ideas?

  13. Yadissac Tloh says:

    merry christmas to you too.

  14. Allison Trimmer says:

    thank you

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