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What is a Dicot Seed

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Dicots are seeds that have two parts such as a bean seed. A bean seed that has soaked in water for a day or two has a soft outside covering.

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What is in dicot plant?

a dicot is a plant that contains lots and lots of elvis presly dolls and action figures. they eat cotton candy. dicots are not to be misaken with monocots, which are plants that babbysit madonnas illigitamate son. yeah, monocots are a little bit sket… More »

What is a dicot flower?

an dicot is a plant with lots of vinesi hope i helped you… More »

What are the example of dicot seeds?

All pulses like pegion pea, pea, mung beans, soybean, gram etc, have dicot seeds…. More »

What is example of dicot seed?

apple…. More »

How to compare & contrast monocot & dicot seeds?

1. Cut a monocot and a dicot in half with the knife. The corn is a monocot and the bean is a dicot. The bean has two distinct halves, with a forming leaf or cotyledon in each side. The corn has only one cotyledon. Use the magnifying glass to verify t… More »

What is inside a dicot and a monocot seed?

Both seeds contain embryo inside but in dicot the embryo has two cotyledones and scanty endosperm but in monocot there is only one cotyledon (scutellum) and large amount of endosperm…. More »

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  1. Brianna says:

    If I was to dissect a dicot seed (more specifically Nasturtium), what would I see? Not any type of assignment question, just curious after watching some interesting botany videos.

  2. Bianca says:

    I need it specifically about the seeds and i cant find it anywhere on the internet

  3. Stardust says:

    and does anyone know how you can predict if a plant becomes monocot or dicot?
    i meant, what kind of characteristics can you look for in a plant that determines if its a dicot or monocot?

  4. Smunoz says:

    I found a couple of definitions online, but all of them are too confusing. I need a simple definition of what a dicot plant is and some basic characteristics.

    Anything Will Help. THANKS! :)

  5. Trel says:

    I’ve done research, and only monocots have a fibrous root system. A tomato has taproots if it is grown from seed and not moved somewhere else, but if it is moved somewhere else, the roots supposedly become a fibrous root. I don’t know why, because supposedly, only monocots have fibrous roots.

  6. Karina says:

    I need a seed that germinates relatively quickly and would be able to grow indoors.

  7. Gibbon82 says:

    Describe each type of seed plant?
    Give an example of each.
    How are they different?

  8. James Shelley says:

    My coriander is about 2 weeks old, a little over 2″ high and still have the original seed attached on top of the plant. I’ve tried to nic the seed off, but it doesn’t seem to bulge. Is this normal? Is this preventing the plant to grow?


  9. Jojo says:

    What does monocot refer to?
    Why don’t we use the term dicot anymore?

  10. Billy B says:

    Which one is a pine stem?
    Which one is a corn stem?

    State the structural features that distinguish the monocot from the dicot.

  11. Anp_15 says:

    I need to know the parts of a dicot plant and a monocot plant with their definitions.

  12. Brooke says:

    What is the difference between a dicot and a monocot?


  13. Aidan says:

    what r their differences in roots, seeds, leaves, flowers, and stem?

  14. Rebecca Perez says:

    (a)reticulated venation in leaves and dicotyledonous seeds
    (b)reticulated venation in leaves and monocotyledonous seeds
    (c)parallel venation in leaves and dicotyledonous seeds
    (d)parallel venation in leaves and monocotyledonous seeds

  15. Livelovelaughrescue! says:

    Is this plant a monocot or a dicot? How
    can you tell? (What characteristics of the plant are evidence?) What tissue is the liquid
    inside the coconut?

  16. Ruiz says:

    I planted strawberry seeds and it’s ten days later and little sprouts are comming up. The only problem is that they have two leaves and most *fully grown* plants have 3 leaves.

  17. Morgan says:


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