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how much does heroin cost per gram

You may have similar questions as How Much Does an Average Dose of Heroin Cost and How Much Money Does Heroin Cost,or you may also seek several useful information about How Much Money Does Heroin Cost on the Streets. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to How Much Does a Bag of Heroin Cost,too. Read more as following:

In 2008, the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime claimed in their World Drug Report that the cost of heroin per gram was $172. In European countries it is usually between 35-40 pounds.

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How Much Money does Heroin Cost?

Heroin is a very addictive substance. It is illegal to manufacture, buy, sell or distribute illegal drugs in the US. Also, Heroin can cause severe damage in the body…. More »

How much money does an ounce of heroin cost on the streets?

An ounce of heroin may cost $800 to $1,200 on the streets……. More »

What is the Cost of Gold Per Gram?

The cost of gold per gram changes each day with the market. Currently the price per gram of gold is a little bit over one thousand dollars…. More »

What is the Cost of Magnesium Per Gram?

A 100 grams of magnesium costs $3.70, if we have to compute how much it cost for a gram of magnesium. We have to divide $3.70 by 100, the result would be $0.037 per gram of magnesium…. More »

How much does heroin cost per gram?

We know from data collected by the United Nations that the retail price of a gram …… More »

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  1. Barbie says:

    These three countries are near at Afghanistan which is the biggest producer of heroin. Because of that I think, it’ll be cheap in these countries. Can Anyone figure out the prices of it in these countries?

  2. Chauncy says:

    My friends and i were arguing over the most expensive drug including weed, cocaine, meth, and heroin i thought heroin was so what is the price

  3. Rib Toaster says:

    My uncle is an addict and he has been getting $160 USD a day. How much Heroine can he get for that much per day in San Francisco?

    Also, If he was using Heroine how would he be acting? Details Please.

  4. Missis says:

    I just would like to know for a paper that I am writing

  5. Kills says:

    how much does heroin cost per gram

  6. Lidooh_smiles says:

    the prices per gram are on google. but how much does it typically take to get high? i know, just like weed, the price is gonna vary , but give a price range, how much does 1 high cost. assuming that i have 0 resistance to it so it will only take a little bit

  7. Deedee says:

    im doing a health project on heroin and need to know the prices of heroin

  8. Rydia says:

    1.How it feels?
    2.The best drug?(charas,heroin,cocaine,brown sugar or something else)
    3.The the most costly drug?(its cost?)
    4.The cheapest drug?(its cost?)
    5.Should somebody go for it?
    No need to answer all the questions,u can answer only those questions that u know.

  9. Colebolegooglygooglyhammerhead says:

    pot enough for 2 peopl, x for 2 people, cocaine for 2 people (how much cocaine should you get for 2 people. and acid 2 people. can e be heroin based.. i know it can be for meth… but heroin?

    save the lectures honestly….

  10. The Love Expert says:

    I have to do a project for my health class on heroin. I would like know where heroin originated, how much it costs, and the ‘street names’ for heroin. Thanks

  11. Blackpuppy9 says:

    in health we have to do a project and look up a certain type of drug, i am researching heroin and there are a bunch of questions we have to answer.. I need help with this one:

    What is the cost of heroin???


  12. Howard says:

    info on ghb affects and ingrediants?

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