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What is the Value of Amethyst

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The value of amethyst can depend on many factors, such as size, clarity, cut, and color. An amethyst's value can range from under 10 dollars for a very small bead that is not cut but tumble-polished to one that is of higher quality, and can be worth considerably more. High quality amethyst are usually deep purple in color, large in size, have great clarity and, are well cut.

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How Much are Amethyst Worth?

If an amethyst is what you desire you can get them fairly cheap. They can be had for about ten cents a karat. And that is cut. There is about five karats per gram…. More »

What is Amethyst Used for?

Amethyst is a violet stone, a type of quartz, and has been used for spiritual purposes for many years. It has been referred to as the Purple ray, used in meditation, and said to radiate energy…. More »

Where is Amethyst found?

There is amethyst in Ontario, Canada also In Brazil and Zambia… More »

How is Amethyst Made?

Amethysts are created when silica rich fluids are accumulated within lava geodes. In the proper conditions, the hexagonal crystals will develop at the foundation. For more information look here: … More »

How is Amethyst Formed?

An Amethyst formed in nature are found in rocks called geodes. Amethysts are part of the quartz family. The most common color of Amethysts is purple. … More »

What is the approximate value of korean amethyst?

The wholesale price range for medium sized, medium to deep purple am…… More »

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  1. Bloodyreaper Xx says:

    I’ve had this purple amethyst crystal for about 6-7 years, I have no idea where to began to look or who to start with?

  2. Holly Free says:

    I found out that an interesting thing I’ve had in my back yard is probably a large chunk of amethyst weighing roughly 10.5 lbs, The problem is I don’t know what I should do with it? Contact a jeweler? What?

    Also, How much do you think it might be worth?

  3. Michaela says:

    I have an amethyst sphere which is pure amethyst and perfect shape no shadows no scratches etc and I was just wondering how much it is worth.

  4. Reema says:

    About a year ago, I bought a cut amethyst that’s almost 40 karots and has a perfect clarity rating. I was just wondering if any gem stone gurus can tell me if it will appreciate well, or if it’s a unique stone. It’s a really nice looking monster of a gemstone.

  5. Dom says:

    i mean like (what country is the largest or one of the largest deposits of amethyst). i would appreciate this alot thank you.

  6. Stardust00 says:

    We have two pieces of rough uncut amethyst (raw) we only have the weights of the two pieces and are trying to work out the carat value of them. They are quite light and small and one piece weighs 224g and the other ways 345g, can anybody help us out?

  7. Pookiieinsanelette says:

    They smal pieced posts with four 1/4 inch amethysts, and tiny diamonds in between.

  8. Rasine says:

    I own two 18kt Gold over Sterling Silver bracelets and I want to sell one but I don’t know which is worth more. One of them has genuine amethyst and blue topaz stones while the other is just diamond accented, which is worth more?

  9. Diamond says:

    I have a small collection of various loose gemstones that i would like to sell and would like to know where to go to sell them. my collection includes amethyst. lab created alexandrite, tanzanite, emeralds, opal, topaz, ect.

  10. Katy Wagner says:

    I have 2 small smoothed pieces of rose quarts and quartz crystal and i have one small piece of pyrite.

    Also i have to medium pieces of amethyst, what would be the Value of this? Thanks.

  11. Cjrossi says:

    Hi, I was wondering what type of special powers or healings can a Amethyst gemstone do for someone, espacialy if you were born in Feurary. Antype of information on like, birth stones, healings, special powers…

  12. Cherry says:

    We live near the desert and we have some cool geodes there and I was wondering if I could take one. They aren’t valuable though, they are all full of common crystals not citrine or amethyst or anything of that value.

  13. Roxanne Warner says:

    What are some tips for getting the maximum coverage? Before I post these ads Is there anyone who can appraise jewelry for free or maybe for a low fee?

  14. Adriana Hernandez says:

    It’s color has a meaning and I would like to know about the color lavander?

  15. Sierra S says:

    I’m asking for jewelry from my boyfriend for christmas, and want to know which kinds of gemstones are generally the most and least expensive, so I know what the ask for. We are poor college students so I don’t want him to break the bank.

  16. Rib Toaster says:

    a friend asked me the other day why choose long over short coz he likes short but i like long but why do i even like long? so confused!

  17. Leah Smith says:

    thank you

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