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: By service and Coverage, what Cell phone service is better, Metro PCS, or T-Mobile?

T-Mobile is a better mobile provider than MetroPCS in terms of service and coverage. On October 3, 2012, MetroPCS reached an agreement to merge with T-Mobile.
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I want a Metro PCS LG cell phone but i have t-mobile service. How do I unlock it?

look online for an unlock code and cable set that you computer hook up your phone with cable and code it will have to use a and follow directions that come will cost like 40 bucks though

Does anyone have the cell phone service provider, Metro PCS?

I live in California, and I am pleased with. However, I dont get reception in basements and certain other particular areas that other providers reach but only in those areas the service. It is very reasonably priced from ANY phone services as a SIM card. I think its GREAT not, and you can use phones long as it doesnt have having a contract every month. Good Luck.

Is Metro PCS a good cell phone service provider?

Ive heard it ok , i have att , had tmobile it stinks , waiting for my first att bill.

is there a way i can use my t-mobile phone with metro pcs service…..?

no t-mobile products operate on the GSM networks, while metro pcs, sprint, verizon and cricket are all CDMA

What mobile phone companies provide service for the firefly cell phone for children


I use T-Mobile cell phone service. What’s the best phone to get for best quality pictures?

Motorola or the LG are both good for pics.;0}

Can you use verizon phones on metro pcs service?

The official answer is yes, you can, through MetroFlash ( However, its voice and text ONLY it, you might be able to get a lower price on the web (although that might be a bit scary). For those of you who are wondering, its pretty common in Cricket (you might want to reconsider putting), and its only available for the link. For $40 you can have them do certain markets as defined on a blackberry on their network Wireless as well.

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