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How long are redbox game rentals

Redbox rental period ends at 9:00 p.m. the day after you rent. For each extra day you keep it, you'll be charged for another rental period + applicable tax.
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Does anyone use Redbox for DVD rentals?

I have beforeit’s a good deal because it’s only a dolar a nightheck you could have it for the week for only 7 bucks

how are redbox rentals legal?

The owner of the redbox purchases the movies and rents them a video store, except you get to pay there is little overhead for out. It is no different than a lot less rent because the owner of the redbox.

RedBox DVD Rentals. Please Help?

Nope, AND you can return the movie at ANY redbox machine. If you rented it at Raleys you can return it at i dunno, maybe 711.. ITS COOL

Question about redbox movie rentals.?

That is pretty clever but then would probably figure out at DVD was missing and then i think the Redbox company some point that the actually charge you for the actual DVD. Good observation

Free RedBox Movie Rentals-Do You Get Them?

Yeah its easy, normally its in grocery stores and its just a buck for new releases.

Long stay resort rentals

Attached are a few sites which offer long term stay in Phoenix: p283950 Villas_Condos.html

are redbox movie rentals a dollar a night?

2 dollars now a night sooo four dollars for two nights…. they just recently changed it.

How long do I get to keep my iTunes video rentals on my iPad?

30 days and 24 hours after you start viewing it for the first time

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