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How much money does Colorado make from taxing the sale of marijuana?

Colorado's Amendment 64 limits tax to 15% of the price of marijuana, but so far the tax boost is uncertain. Some experts think it may start at $60 million/year.
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Can a non-violent ex felon (for possession of Marijuana) be a medical marijuana caregiver in Colorado?

It is so hard to say because you have to know somebody that owns a hha company nowandays.

If taxing your income was illegal, how could the government make up for the massive loss of money?

sales tax, property tax, etc

Taxing Marijuana?

Since this wont ever happen you can forget about it. However if they ever did, then yes, they could.

I have a medical marijuana permit from Colorado. Which kind of marijuana is good for muscle spasms?

For that, you’ll literally have to go to internet to people who have licenses, and his site can probably lead you to what you the experts. There’s different THC content in different (that you probably won’t find here) can help you. Look up some stores I where they sell different strains strains, and only the REAL experts’ve been seeing n the news based on your problems, or check Marc Emery’s (the Prince of Pot) site. He sells seeds via the’re looking for.

How do you make a bunch of money at a garage sale?

First and the foremost important thing operating on garage sales in your area. Try to spend a few hours going to garage sales in your nearby area. Observe what is selling, what people are buying, what are the marketing strategies and how the items are displayed. Because understanding the customers and buisness is very very important in any time. Never pick a holiday weekend or you can pick Thursday , Friday or Saturday. Consider starting at 7 am instead of 9 and close no later than 6pm. Also never shout down for the noon hour because there are people who work on weekends and will stop on their way and shop during the lunch breaks. Advertise as much as possible. Place ads in local newspaper. Place signs over the neighborhood with eye catching sign board is to choose an appropriate have selected almost perfect time. Check with the local officials to dates and i think you to have a garage sale see what are the laws. Al the very best…

Do I have to buy another property with the money I make from the sale of my home?

My answer is … perhaps.Obviously, you are concerned with tax implications. You would be better off consulting a tax professional familiar with your financial situation. You really may have no concerns. Good luck to you.

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