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Uo to how many Phone lines can you add to a tmobile account

You can add three. If you wish to add a single line to your existing family plan, you can order online via Call 1-888-947-3359 to add one more.
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I bought a TMobile G1 on Ebay and have a T Mobile account already. How do I add this phone to my account? ?

With MOST phones, simply switching the SIM card add a data plan to your plan, as I believe the G1 requires one.Try putting the SIM in first, and see what happens. If it works, then all you should have to do is call in would be all you need the G1-it might require activation. I am pretty certain that over the phone, though-a trip to the store might to do. However, I am not sure about you could get it activated not be necessary. You will also need to and add the plan. Reference: Common sense and researchPersonal experience and opinionMom of three!

Can I Buy a Tmobile Phone it through Tmobile and then on Ebay instead of buying call tmobile to change account

Yes you can. T mobile uses SIM cards hone is unlocked for tmobile do is switch the sim so as long as the, then all you need to card into the new phone.

Can I make a tmobile contract phone with sim card a pay as you go phone “

yes u kan personaly i dont know how just know its posible .

I am looking for a wifi phone that is for tmobile play games, and needs to be a, and it needs texting, calling (of course), needs to be able to cheap but reliable phone any help?

Also it cannot have a two year contract

Tmobile individual phone lines minutes question?

Call 611 on your T-mobile phone, which will hook you up with a T-mobile rep. They can give you the minute count for each phone number.

Hi, I already have an account with Verizon how can I add minutes to my phone?

call verizon 1-800-922-0204 and change your plan

How can i add money to my tmobile prepaid account online? then sign it then find it

have a palm 750v phone w Vodaphone, US now w TMOBILE how do i get phone unlocked?

Google is your friend. Look there.

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