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What is the best time of the day to pick up an application at a buisness on tuesday wedneday or thursday?

Pick up on a lower stress day of the week like Tuesday or Wednesday. Time between 6 and 9 a.m. could be impressive and implies an enthusiastic early bird.
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How to dress for spirt week: Monday-Pajama Day Tuesday- Tacky Day Wednesday- Rockstar Day Thursday- Infant day

Tacky day: wear leggings with no skirt on top, a turtleneck in wild colors (unless it’s hot where you live!) and bright rainboots! Ooh, and a big bow on the top of your head! Yeah, baby!

Any garbage pick up om Wednesday for regular Tuesday pick up? Any recycle pick up this week?

Call a neighbor or the Sanitation day later in our area. Usually all collections are a department that does the collecting.

i do boxing 3 times a week and soccer on tuesday if i do 50 sit and thursday my diets ok ups a day 5 days a w

Do you really want one?!?!?!? They’re a little to vain for me…I like a little bit of chub!!!!But yeah you prob will get one. Good luck with it.

hi i was told my job Tuesday and thay Sed to seekers allowance was sent on check Thursday what time will it go?

If you spelled your information on your application like you did on this question, don’t look for it soon.

Last time i had a period i had sex last thursday was labor day weekend and…whats the chance of me being pregnant?

Please help me

I will be visiting a buisness networking on Thursday, but I have no buisness cards what are my options?

Don’t worry. Just say some of your to stay in control of the networking by asking for their cards Keep a pen in your pocket and note on the back of each contact details have changed and printers in a couple of from a machine.Far more effective than doling out you’re expecting them back from the days. DON’T get those horrible cheap ones your cards is for you card date/venue and what interested you/action agreed with them.Follow up promptly. Reference: Marketing & Communication consultant

yall it’s time to say good night I’ll be on third shift the next 4 day’s see you tuesday God Speed:)

have a good night Andy! See you when you get back.

I drank 2 glasses of wine on tuesday, and I have to take a Etg alcohol test on thursday will i fail?

no you will pass as long as you dont drink anything else.

If you could freeze time and relive one day, which would you pick? Why?

no jokes :P The day I left my hometown and my high school sweetheart behind :( This time i would remember to give them all the finger :P

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