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Are hickeys bad for you?

While it does clot the blood in one area of skin, and Dr’s will scare you by saying they could cause cancer, you should be fine! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Ehtel Reply:

    for your skin. Luckily, you can treat hickies completely naturally by following these easy steps. Suggest Edits. 1. Place some ice wrapped in a towel on your hickey as soon as you can. How to Clean Up Bad Credit Fast. Perhaps you're Source:

  2. Jeannine Reply:

    Hickeys are not bad for your health. Having hickeys are no different from bumping yourself into something hard and get bruised. But if your issue is how it will make you look, that depends on where your hickeys are. If they are found on you

  3. Drew Reply:

    A hickey is a bruise. Generally they are not bad for you. They are broken vessels, but like broken hearts, time will heal them. Source:

  4. Gregoria Reply:

    Hickies are like any other bruise, a hemorrhage just below the skin caused by broken capillaries. They do not cause blood clots. Source:

  5. Shonda Reply:

    Hickeys can actually get very bad. Once I cut a tennis ball in half, turned in inside and and suction cupped it to my arm. It left what was basically a giant hicky. It had tiny red spots and it looked like a nasty bruise. It is also VERY se… Source:

  6. Kaylee Reply:

    Silly—> Vacuum cleaner hickeys or suction cup hickeys, have you ever given yourself one? Was it on purpose or on accident?

  7. Thanh Reply:

    No, as long he didnt break skin!

  8. Kaila Reply:

    A Hickey is actually a bruise. Blood vessels beneath the skin are ruptured, allowing blood to seep into surrounding tissue. Are they "bad" no worse than

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