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Can cervical cancer make you sick?

Cancer-related fatigue is one of the most common side effects of cancer and its treatment! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lenora Reply:

    Cancer begins when an abnormal cell grows and does not stop dividing. Cancerous cells Can You Have Children With Cervical Cancer? Cervical cancer Source:

  2. Alejandra Reply:

    Jun 8, 2010 Overtreated: Too much medical care can make you sick; Millions of women at low risk of cervical cancer get more frequent Pap smears than

  3. Carmelina Reply:

    Cervical cancer is a cancer that is found only in women. The cells develop in the cervix, the part of the reproductive system the connects the uterus to the vagina. Untreated HPV can lead to cervical cancer, so it is important for women to … Source:

  4. Tien Reply:

    Alot of times there are no symptoms, some of the symptoms do include the following : Unusually Heavy Discharge, Pelvic Pain, Bleeding between regular menstrual periods, after sexual intercourse, douching, or pelvic exam. But keep in mind, P… Source:

  5. Kayleigh Reply:

    Cervical Cancer is primarily caused by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). HPV is sexually transmitted. HPV vaccines are available to help prevent development of the viral infection. Look here for more information:… Source:

  6. Tawanna Reply:

    cervical cancer,how sick,how long? My mam has cervical cancer stage 3b and she received chemo and radiation,which shrunk her tumor,but didn’t get rid as we all hoped,so her do

  7. Ariana Reply:

    I am so sorry to hear it! I dont know of anyone that has/had problems, but you are not alone! Please help to spread the word that vaccinations of any kind are dangerous and most often not needed! I dont know what it is you can do, but i wish you the best!

  8. Jami Reply:

    Does the cervical cancer vaccine make you sick? Does your partner get morning sickness if you didn't? Who is the founder of cervical cancer vaccine?

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