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Can cigarette smoke make you break out?

Smoking can cause many skin problems including break outs, signs of aging such as wrinkles and dull skin! Smoking is the leading cause of cancer! It is a very dangerous habit! MORE?? ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Melita Reply:

    Many products and methods can help you quit smoking, including nicotine gum, Breaking the nicotine habit requires determination and a firm focus on success. The psychological habit of smoking—taking the cigarette out of the pack, Source:

  2. Eveline Reply:

    Well over time cigarrettes make ur skin unappealing, but i heard it can happen

  3. Cristi Reply:

    Quitting smoking is a great decision. There are several ways. Nicotine gum, prescription medications, and the "cold turkey" way. Your method will be what works the best for you. Look here for more information:… Source:

  4. Denita Reply:

    To smoke a cigarette place one end in the mouth and suck, or inhale, while lighting the other end. Now that it is burning, you can inhale as desired until all that is left is a ‘butt’. Throw out that part (end). Smoking cigarettes is bad fo… Source:

  5. Glinda Reply:

    Cigarette smoke is made up of over 4000 chemical compounds, many which are toxic or carcinogenic. The smoke is created by burning a cigarette. Source:

  6. Kathline Reply:

    why does incense smoke, cigarette smoke,scented candle smoke,and some air fresheners make your throat sore? i just wanted to know why some smoke makes my throat hurt really ba

  7. Jenni Reply:

    Yes, I get the point! But, what I dont get is why you say you cant quit!If you only smoke one cigarette every three days and think you cannotquit, then you probably dont have any intiative! So, try this: if you continue to smoke cigarettes–even if your parents letyou–youll get lung cancer; and that is fatal!Ready to quit now?? For your sake, I hope so!

  8. Berta Reply:

    With a clogged pore, there is a chance for the acne causing bacterias to infect your skin and cause acne. With over 4000 chemical elements in a cigarette, your

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