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Can colon cancer kill you?

Yes, colon cancer is fatal in 50% of advanced cases and in 10% of localized cases! on! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Joaquina Reply:

    How Does Colon Cancer Kill? Although an exact cause is unknown, it is thought that most colon cancer is developed from adenoma You May Also Like Source:

  2. Mardell Reply:

    Yes, colon cancer is fatal in 50% of advanced cases and in 10% of localized cases.

  3. Flora Reply:

    Colon cancer has become very command among men in today world. Some symptoms of colon cancer are abdomen pain, rectal bleeding, diarrhea and fatigue. Most of the time colon cancer have no early symptoms but, there is a better chance to cure… Source:

  4. Velda Reply:

    Signs of colon cancer could be weight loss, or changes in the way your bowels are moving. You might also notice fatigue or weakness, stomach pains like cramps, or bleeding in the stools. Look here for more information: http://www.mayoclinic… Source:

  5. Krishna Reply:

    Colon Function The colon is responsible for assisting the filtering of waste products that the body produces. The colon is the upper part of the large intestine and acts as a last chance stop for the body to remove nutrients, water and salt… Source:

  6. Arlena Reply:

    How exactly does cancer kill you? For instance breast or colon lung because if those parts cancer? I understand brain cancer or of you die you do as well. But im confused beca

  7. Takisha Reply:

    You’re not going to find that information as there is no way to determine when the cancer first occurred making the information inaccurate and not useful! People usually have colon cancer for 5-8 years before they start having symptoms! Survival rates are based on stage!

  8. Caroyln Reply:

    Can colon cancer kill you? Absolutely. Any kind of cancer can kill you. How fast does colon cancer kill you? my mother ( aged 80 ) has just been diagnosed with

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