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Can hickies give you cancer?

No, Hickies can not in any way cause you to get cancer! Thanks for using ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Martina Reply:

    Hickies are a discoloration of the skin caused by sucking or by a hard hit, the latter commonly being called a bruise. This will cause you some discomfort since bristles will be scraping against your skin. Be sure can hickey be cancerous? Source:

  2. Roxie Reply:

    Not medical advice. The answer is an emphatic NO! Hickies can not cause cancer. It’s a myth. Text us!

  3. Alaine Reply:

    They do becaus alot of the time they are ahving sex and they are making it more fun. If the parent does hide it from you in the beggining and say it is just a popped pimpil and have a band-aid over it they had sex Source:'s

  4. Doreen Reply:

    A hickie is generally caused by sucking hard on someone’s skin. This will cause a bruise-like area about the size of your mouth to appear. It is polite, however, to make sure such a mark is welcomed as they normally don’t disappear for 3-6 … Source:

  5. Jolynn Reply:

    A hicky is a bruise caused by suction. One person usually gives another person a hicky by sucking on their skin. The neck is the most popular spot. Source:

  6. Collette Reply:

    Why does my bf always give purple ones last time he gave me one all the me hickies? every time i see him and not a little red he gives me a hickey mark they are actually big w

  7. Sachiko Reply:

    no!!! that is not true!

  8. Sueann Reply:

    Answer. No, Cancer is a disease, hickeys are nothing more than burst capillaries that have released the blood to the skin surface similar to a bruise. While they

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