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Can mold cause cancer?

Mold spores produce toxins that can affect the lungs, skin, and nervous system, but there is no definitive cancer link! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Hildegard Reply:

    Dr. Gary Shwartz, a cancer researcher from Wake Forest University, claims that testicular cancer can be caused by a mold known as Ochratoxin A. It starts when Source:

  2. Loura Reply:

    Yes, it is suspected that mold can causes many diseases. It can be a simple condition, such as allergies or more complex ones, such as cancer.

  3. Romana Reply:

    Mold forms on bread when it sits out in the open or moist room for a few days. There is a type of organism called a spore. It floats around in the air until it lands on something. If it happens to be the bread that is where it lands. Source:

  4. Glendora Reply:

    Mold is an organism that is always found in the air. For mold to grow it needs a cool, damp climate and a food source to keep it growing. Source:

  5. Eden Reply:

    Mold spores settle on to the surface of the bread. From here, they will grow if the spores have enough nutrients within the bread, and moisture. You can find more information here:… Source:

  6. Mandi Reply:

    can mold exposure lead to lung cancer? We found massive amounts of had been there for months mold under our beds that without us knowing it. Now they found two spots on my mot

  7. Alanna Reply:

    There are many types of mold! Most will not cause cancer but the worst is black mold! That type is very toxic and anyone exposed to it for a long period of time can not only get severely ill, but can die because it causes serious problems in the lungs! All I can think of without looking it up is that the bad types of mold can change the molecular structure of a cell! Cancer is a cell that mutates and then spreads to surrounding tissue and cells! Dont forget, cancer isnt just one disease but many! Over 200 I believe! The word cancer is just one word to mean many! Im sure If Im wrong about mold changing cell structure, someone will let me know! I hope theyre kind about it! God bless! (I do know about black mold though)

  8. Floy Reply:

    Mold and cancer. Although the various species of black mold fungi can cause severe respiratory distress and allergy symptoms in some people, there are no

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