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Can you get breast cancer even if it doesn’t run in the family?

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  1. Ray Reply:

    Prevention health screenings are a good way to find out if you are at risk of your doctor will ask if certain illnesses or medical conditions run in your family. Even if you're physically fit your genes or your personal habits can put you at risk. annual mammogram if there's either a family history of breast cancer or if you are Source:

  2. Julianne Reply:

    Jul 5, 2011 “A family history of breast cancer would be if you have at least two When breast cancer runs in families, often it’s a matter of a faulty you can inherit it from your father’s side even if your father doesn’t display the trait himself.

  3. Billy Reply:

    Talk with your doctor about your family history. For example, your doctor will want to know how you are related to any family members who have had breast cancer. Your doctor will also want to know how old your relatives were when their brea… Source:

  4. Marcy Reply:

    Scientists don’t know what causes breast cancer, but there are risk factors including age, race, and gender. Source:

  5. Rickie Reply:

    Most of us worry about breast cancer at some point in our lives, but for hundreds of women who have a history of the disease in their family, the anxiety can be overwhelming. Genetic breast cancer, also known as hereditary breast cancer, ac… Source:

  6. Shaniqua Reply:

    ladies only please. Breast cancer runs in my 5 had breast cancer bu family as my aunt has with breast? cancer and my grandmother who not got long to live died when I was about

  7. Domitila Reply:

    Understand that relationships are diffucult to understand! Your best bet would be to pick up a book from Barnes and Noble that goes through the nitty gritty details of such situations!

  8. Nathalie Reply:

    Race: After age 35, White women are more likely to get breast cancer than Black women, but Black women who get breast cancer Family history: certain inherited genetic mutations (BRCA1 and/or BRCA2) increase the risk. . Do you really want to even take the risk of the study being right or wrong? errr. no it doesn't!

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