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Can you get breast cancer from keeping your phone in your bra?

Extended use of a cell phone double your chance to develop malignant, tumors! If you feel you are at risk check with your doctor! Any Suggestions here?


  1. sandy Reply:

    For years my mother 65 years old had been carrying her cell phone in her bra. Last year she felt a lump on her best got it checked and it was cancer it also happen to be the breast she always put her phone .
    Cancer does not run in our family.
    My opinion to all who do carry there cell phone in there bra the buy a purse and put it in there
    A purse $ 10- ?
    Breast cancer $$$$- your life

  2. Fran Reply:

    It has not been proven or disproven but I would say error with caution! I kept my cell on the left side of my bra cup while running for 10 years. Last May I kept ha bing shooting twinges of painin the same spot like a pulsating sensation but I just thought it was monthly hormones. A few months later I noticed a lump and when I went in for yearly exam the doctor sent me for a mammogram. It was the longest 3 months of my life. 13 mammograms a needle biopsy then finally surgical biopsy to remove questionable tissue from my left breast. I am a single Mom and let me tell you 3 months of thinking of the what if’s changes your perspective in life. I am healthy with no other problems and this was a puckering if tissues that baffled doctors until my OB asked if I carried my cell in my bra! Mine ended up not being cancer (Thank God) but they said they were mutated cells that mimic precancerous cells.

    Girls it may not be proven but PLEASE don’t take any chances. Cancer is not something to take lightly! Cancer kills.

  3. Glory Reply:

    You're going to have your hands full" and "life will never be the same again you. Take to the hospital comfy PJ bottoms and stretchy soft nighty cotton tops ( without a bra). backlight to keep track of feed times, lipgloss, breast sooth cream, phone, phone numbers (Don't get talcum powder as it has been linked to cancer. Source:

  4. Jong Reply:

    *Sigh* No, you can NOT get breast cancer from keeping your cell in your bra. It is also not slutty. Could some of you girls please grow up? Sometimes not having pockets leads to it being stuck in your bra. Get over it. As far as the cancer,

  5. Juliann Reply:

    ummm ya you do Source:

  6. Shanell Reply:

    Many people want to do something to help fight breast cancer, but have no idea how to go about it. Instead of simply sending money to a charity, you can donate your old cell phones to help put money towards research and treatment of breast … Source:

  7. Lewis Reply:

    Breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in women. It is every woman’s right to see a health care provider and to receive preventive and early detection care. Source:

  8. Roxane Reply:

    does keeping your phone in your shirt cause breast cancer? cuz my moms friend said down my shirt in my that and i keep mine bra and everytime i get a text, my chest hurts???

  9. Carmelina Reply:

    *Sigh* No, you can NOT get breast cancer from keeping your cell in your bra! It is also not slutty! Could some of you girls please grow up??Sometimes not having pockets leads to it being stuck in your bra! Get over it! As far as the cancer, it can happen to any woman, especially woman with a family history, but its never been pin pointed to keeping your phone in your bra!

  10. Arla Reply:

    So keeping the phone in your bra for a couple of hours a day is even less to cause breast cancer due to keeping it in your bra imagine what it could do to your user manuals have a warning that you are to never wear or use a cell phone

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