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Do cancer lumps hurt?

The only way that lumps which are cancerous hurt is if they are constantly touched! on! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Nicol Reply:

    Characteristics of a Breast Cancer Lump. A breast lump can have many different characteristics and it can sometimes be hard for a person to describe exactly Source:

  2. Elouise Reply:

    Cancerous lumps may or may not cause pain. It will depend on the area the lump is in. It is always best to be evaluated by a doctor. For more information, please visit:

  3. Clara Reply:

    They are very hard and feel like pellets or marbles. They are not always easy to feel, so make sure you do a very good exam. If you think you might have a lump, it would be best to go to a doctor for an x-ray. Look here for more information… Source:

  4. Alba Reply:

    You may not feel any lumps when you have breast cancer. They may be very small, pea sized lumps. They maybe larger and soft. You may feel swollen lumps in your armpit. Remember none of these might be cancer. Only medical tests will tell you… Source:

  5. Sara Reply:

    A cancerous breast lump will feel smooth and squishy. If you are pressing on a cyst, it will have some “give” to it, like a water balloon. A cyst can move around and can change in size during a menstrual cycle. Source:

  6. Isabel Reply:

    do breast cancer lumps hurt? i have a lump in my breast and it is it feels like ur popping tender when pressure is applied a zit, but the pain is not too bad. it doesnt bother

  7. Stacie Reply:

    Breast Lumps rarely hurt in early stages of breast cancer!Sometimes you can feel a lump that may be due to a cyst or benign tumor!

  8. Felisha Reply:

    It is more likely to be the start of a minor skin eruption (pimple) or a boil which is a localized Does it mean if you have a lump in your arm and it hurt is it cancer?

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