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Do estrogen pills cause cancer?

No, Estrogen pills don’t cause cancer, they cause men to have breasts! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Nova Reply:

    Birth control pills contain estrogen, and that causes fluid retention in your breasts. However, the hormones in the birth control pill do affect the tissue in your hips, thighs and breasts What Types of Birth Control Are Known to Cause Cancer? Source:

  2. Lisa Reply:

    Jul 31, 2002 Estrogen & Breast Cancer Risk: Factors of Exposure over whether the use of birth control pills may affect breast cancer risk. Researchers are concerned that the 16a-OHE form of estrogen can cause normal breast cells to

  3. Kourtney Reply:

    Recently there have been numerous references in the news about the new types of estrogens that do not causean increased risk of breast cancer. While studies looking at an increased risk of breast cancer with traditionalhormone replacement u… Source:

  4. Melodi Reply:

    Aristolochia fangchi, an herb used in some diet pills, may cause not only kidney failure but urinary tract cancer. Source:

  5. Syble Reply:

    The hormone replacement therapy taken by millions of women to relieve hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause may raise the risk of dying from lung cancer. In the WHI, more than 161,000 women were randomly assigned to take combined horm… Source:

  6. Jayna Reply:

    are estrogen pills considered fertility pills? I want to conceive another of whack. The doctor prescribed me provera child. My cycl had been out to bring my cycle down. Then h

  7. Lawrence Reply:

    Hi!!!!Estrogens are well known to increase breast cancer risk in some women, however, for example, OCP (oral contraceptive pills) have estrogens and may increase the risk only slightly (they also have lower doses than they used to have)! OCPs are also known to decrease the risk of ovarian cancer (1) and endometrial cancer, after 5 years of use!Phytoestrogens in the other hand, have been measured in urine of women in women with lower prevalence of breast cancer, like Japanese women and had been found in higher levels! In animal studies, phytoestrogens were found to interfere with tumor formation in rats (2)!But it all depends what kind of phytoestrogens are you taking, and also the dosing (doses a lot higher than in food)!!! In general you should be cautious and limit your consumption, because some phytoestrogens can have a estrogen like effect, and those could potentially cause cancer!So!!!! some researches believe phytoestrogens can actually reduce the risk of cancer, certain types, and when they come from the diet! And some researches are worried that some phytoestrogens could be harmful in high doses! Pretty unclear! I know, just be careful and remember that all those 100% natural suplements can be harmful too!My personal opinion???? I find very unlikely that a natural product would work as fast, and if it does, I would personally think it might be dangerous! I visited their website, and it seems very unprofessional! Remember a lot of herbs have not been studied, and while they might work, the dosing in natural products is not controlled, as in other drugs or medications!Good luck! :)

  8. Annelle Reply:

    Can estrogen pills cause cancer? Answer It! In: Health Joining is free and easy. You can still be anonymous; just choose any username and password.

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