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Does smoking affect your taste buds?

Cigarette smoking not only causes cancer and cardiovascular disease, it also dulls taste, making food less palatable, a new study suggests! Smoking can affect the shape of taste buds and also affect vascularization, or the formation of blood vessels! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Mira Reply:

    Smokers aren't the only ones affected by the toxins of cigarette smoke. people may not realize it, secondhand smoke even affects the taste buds diminishing the full flavor of food. Remember that it's not just your health that will be affected. Source:

  2. Linnie Reply:

    Aug 23, 2009 – Does smoking affect the ability to taste is perhaps one of exposure to hot/scalding liquids is a sure way to destroy taste buds on your tongue.

  3. Hulda Reply:

    Colour differences can make foods taste different; for example a red and green capsicum might taste different from each other, and some might prefer one colour over another, though some can’t tell the difference. The colour of foods can aff… Source:

  4. Ouida Reply:

    Sight doesn’t affect how your taste buds work, but it DOES change how the brain perceives flavor. The brain registers whatever food you see (for example a cake) and your taste buds are instantly caused to taste "sweet" flavors. If you stare… Source:

  5. Merissa Reply:

    Forever (unless you stop). Source:

  6. Lucile Reply:

    Does Diabetes affect your Taste Buds? I tend to prefer more spicy, fatty (Hamburger,sausage,etc) and salty foods now. When I used to enjoy lighter fare like seafood, chicken

  7. Dusty Reply:

    Honestly, it never did for me!When I quit (3 years ago) they kept telling me that my food would taste better and that my sense of smell would improve! Lies! Dont get me wrong; Im totally glad I quit, but my sense of taste was never a factor!

  8. Cleo Reply:

    Can smoking burn taste buds? well, yeah, if you put the hot end on your tongue. Does marijuana effect taste buds? Marijuana in and of itself will not effect the

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