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Does smoking cigarettes make cold sores worse?

Yes, in fact the stress induced by the carcinogens found in cigarette smoke causes your body to make the cold sore worse! Remember cold sores are aided by stress and smoking causes cancer! away! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Mark Reply:

    Docosanol can speed healing time and keep a cold sore from getting worse. Avoid touching or picking at a cold sore; this can slow healing and make the sore worse. Do not use lysine supplements if you have high cholesterol, heart disease or sinus congestion and tobacco use are all triggers that can cause a cough. Source:

  2. Josefine Reply:

    I have a cold, an aching head/neck, stuffy nose, d… Can smoking weed make my cold worse or last longer? . cells can lead to difficulty for your body to fight cold sores like yours Does smoking a cigarette after you smoked marijuana make your… how to make yourself get a worse cold and flu ?

  3. Marisol Reply:

    cigarrette smoking is the worst thing to do to the body. Weed has no harmful effects at all. Source:

  4. Lynn Reply:

    if you keep playing with it, it can get really big and you would look like daffy duck Source:

  5. Cher Reply:

    Quitting smoking does not have to be the the hardest thing you ever do. If you practice quitting by detriggering normal trigger events, such as eating, it will be much easier when the day comes. Instead of smoking a cigarette after you eat … Source:

  6. Marsha Reply:

    taking accutane along with valtrex and got a cold sore not going to the doctor hopefully worse? i have acne and i too long ago so im can accutane make cold sores getting accut

  7. Solange Reply:

    smoking when sick is never helpful! when you have a sore throat, your body needs to keep that area moist so that your natural bacteria can do its work and smoking will dry it out! if your throat is really soar and you want instant relief gargle salt water followed by a cough drop/numbing spray

  8. Octavia Reply:

    though, if you do have a sore throat i would recommend not smoking for a while as the chemicals and drugs in the cigarettes could make your sore throat worse. Cold drinks dont make your sore throat worse, but they dont make it better.

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