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Does swallowing semen reduce the risk of breast cancer?

Yes, there is apparently a link between semen consumption and reduced breast cancer risk! again! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Evan Reply:

    Eating Soy. There are many Soy can help reduce the effects of heart disease, and lower bad cholesterol and triglycerides. These are This includes lower testosterone, lower sperm counts and infertility in girls. Additionally, soy may increase the risk of breast cancer in women by adding high levels of estrogen. There are Source:

  2. Vivian Reply:

    I’ve told many women just that very thing

  3. Sheron Reply:

    Lose weight or maintain a healthy body weight. This is probably the largest single factor in breast cancer. Not only does being overweight increase your chances of developing breast cancer, but it also increases your risk of dying by it. Ob… Source:

  4. Joline Reply:

    Reports show that four out of every 100 women who are sixty years old will be diagnosed with breast cancer sometime before they reach seventy. Since age remains the greatest risk factor, the longer you live, the greater the likelihood that … Source:

  5. Narcisa Reply:

    yes it not sure why it does but if u swallow at least twice a week if reduces your chance by 40% Source:

  6. Raye Reply:

    What are the risk factors for breast cancer?

  7. Lashell Reply:

    Ive told many women just that very thing!!!

  8. Brigid Reply:

    Other unconfirmed studies show that if a women does 'swallow' semen once or twice a week it can help reduce the risk of breast cancer by about 40%. Although

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