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How can I prevent myself from getting breast cancer?

Reducing your fat intake, exercise more often, stay fit, and the rest would be up to your family genes! Thanks for using ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Rebeca Reply:

    Exercise can reduce the risk of getting breast cancer to begin with by boosting the immune system If you have had enough, give yourself permission to stop. Source:

  2. Aracely Reply:

    Oct 1, 2009 Protect Yourself From Breast Cancer If you’re putting off getting your mammogram because you’re scared or nervous, watch some real

  3. Cecily Reply:

    Well breast cancer can be prevented by doing some lifestyle modifications. These include reducing alcohol intake, increasing high fiber diet and lowering high fat diet. Source:

  4. Nicky Reply:

    Don’t drink alcohol. Even just one drink a day can greatly increase your likelihood of developing breast cancer later. This is especially true of women who have breast cancer running in their immediate family . Breast feed your children. Th… Source:

  5. Amalia Reply:

    Each year lots of women are diagnosed with breast cancer. There are some measure you can take to prevent this happening to you. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables is a must. You also need to maintain your body weight. Seeing your doctor r… Source:

  6. Agnes Reply:

    does SOY MILK [soy products] CAUSE breast cancer?, or help PREVENT breast cancer? ive heard both, do u know the real answer??? and is it just soy milk?, or every soy produc

  7. Leisha Reply:

    Theres nothing in the information youve given us that suggests youre at increased risk of breast cancer!Have there been several other cases of breast cancer in your family, and has it been determined that those cases were due to one of the rare inherited genes responsible for hereditary breast cancer?? And if it has, have you had genetic testing to establish that you have inherited that gene??Hereditary breast cancer is rare; only 5 – 10% of all cases are hereditary! Breast cancer diagnosed after the age of 50 is even less likely to be hereditary!A sign that one of the faulty genes MIGHT (only might) be present is when several members of the same side of a family have had breast cancer, especially if some developed it at a younger than usual age!Two second degree relatives having had breast cancer wouldnt warrant genetic testing!If a parent DOES carry one of the faulty genes, then their child has a 50 % chance of having inherited that gene! If their child does not inherit the gene, that child is at no increased risk of breast cancer! If their child does inherit the gene, it is not a guarantee that they will develop breast cancer; for a female it means a 50 – 80% chance of developing it over a lifetime of around 80 years!If it HAS been established that the breast cancer in your family is due to one of the rare faulty genes, and that you have inherited that gene, then there is nothing you can do to prevent breast cancer! All you can do, besides considering the option of surgery, is be vigilant and attend all screenings!

  8. Dodie Reply:

    Age: the chances of getting breast cancer increase with age, especially after 65. Compression and constriction of the breast tissue by bras prevents the lymphatic system from The best thing to do is to try an experiment on yourself. Stop

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