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How can you tell if you have brain cancer?

Tell your doctor about any changes in your vision, nausea or vomiting, these are signs of brain cancer! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Harmony Reply:

    How to Tell Someone You Have a Brain Tumor. When someone in the family receives the diagnosis of a brain tumor, it changes the entire family dynamics. Source:

  2. Sena Reply:

    I just joined this newsgroup to see if there are any brain tumor patients here and came across this old message. Although it is likely that the original poster does NOT have a brain tumor, it is slightly possible and shouldn’t be so easily

  3. Sulema Reply:

    Significant changes, both behavioral as well as emotional are symptoms of brain cancer. Judgment can become impaired and loss of memory can occur when brain cancer is present. Source:

  4. Joycelyn Reply:

    Brain cancer is when you have cancer cells inside your brain tissue. The cancer cells grow into a tumor. The tumor then interferes with the brains function (memory, muscle control, etc.) Source:

  5. Rachele Reply:

    Cancers that originate in the brain account for only two percent of cancers per year in the United States. However, approximately twenty percent of people who die of cancer per year had a cancer that metastasized to their brain. Source:

  6. Jazmin Reply:

    Can Par-4injection kill brain cancer cells and brain and cure brain cancer prevent recurrence of tumors in? My daughter ,aged 19 is suffering from GLEO BLASTOMA MULTIFORME(Gra

  7. Verena Reply:

    The only way you are going to know is by having an MRI! Its painless but loud! My sister and brother both had brain cancer and that was the one way it was detected! Let me tell you something, youre not stupid! I get severe migraines and because of brain cancer history in my family, he did an MRI! He said I have what is called the most complicated migraines He said I get prodromes which will manifest themselves just the way youre talking! I feel stupid too at times! I get blurred vision, slurred speech, unsteady gait and I look like Im either drunk or mistaken for a drug addict! When I have these prodromes, I cant answer ppl and talk like an idiot! So, being 15, you will have to tell your parents and they can make an appointment for you but make sure you see a neurologist because they know what goes on in the brain more than any one else! After all, it is their field! Good luck, I pray you dont have brain cancer! There is a person who comes on here and answers a lot of cancer questions, especially brain cancer because she has it or is in remission! Her avatar name is April! Ive also seen answers from others who have had or have brain cancer, they can tell you what to expect more than I can! Hope they see this question!April, you are the best and so informative

  8. Mariko Reply:

    What does brain cancer to do to your brain? makes you stupid. What do you know about the brain? the brain keeps ur body running and if u did not have it ud be

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