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Is it bad to get a tattoo when you have had cancer?

No, it is not bad to get a tattoo when you have had cancer! Tattoos are not linked to cancer! Tattooing has been practiced for centuries worldwide! The Ainu, the indigenous people of Japan! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Vernon Reply:

    Before getting a tattoo in this sensitive area, be sure you've considered a few important outline, then you can quit whenever you feel you've had enough. so it's not a bad idea to get your side piece done while you have a few days off from work. Pain in the rib cage and chest cavity can be a tell-tale sign of lung cancer . Source:

  2. Helena Reply:

    May 12, 2010 Is it bad if i want to get a tattoo of this? I have had 3 major hip surgeries, leaving my hip with a 12" long, The next year my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer so I had a pink shadow ribbon put on next to my first one.

  3. Josefine Reply:

    There is waaaay too much hype about how much a tattoo actually hurts. It is all dependent on you pain tolerance level. I would have to agree with what you have heard. Bee stings do hurt worse. Mine felt like a bad sunburn. But if you think … Source:

  4. Helene Reply:

    Gothika Source:

  5. Hanna Reply:

    haha i know one cancer who did. now we’re coming to an end. he’s leavin her. thats what she gets for tryin to put my mommy in jail for her own pleasures X( i cant wait to get out of this house. me and cancer women…no. not workin. Source:

  6. Tania Reply:

    I want a tattoo with some sort of cancer awareness symbol, I know the general cancer (general cancer)? I don’t know really what to get awareness symbol is a lavender ribbon an

  7. Hattie Reply:

    Having it forever is NOT a down side, unless you dont like your tattoo!the pros (good points) Its a meaningful image that you can treasure foreverIt makes you feel goodIts a talking point, if you want it to be!You can always get it somewhere you can cover, so it wont affect your futurecons (bad points)At your age, you are growing and this may distort the tattoo (Artist will advise you more on this)People DO till judge (take our resident troll and tattoo hater Truth for example, there are lots of people like Truth in this world, but!!! this can also be a good point, in that if you meet someone who is so judgmental they let your tattoos influence their perception of you, they are not worth knowing!

  8. Heike Reply:

    Can you get a tattoo if you have cancer? But if you talk to the artist who will be doing your tattoo, he may do it but with Is ensure bad for cancer patients?

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