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Is Snuff dangerous?

The scientific evidence is strong that the use of smokeless tobacco can cause cancer in humans! The association between etc Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Bennie Reply:

    Tobacco Snuff Dangers. Tobacco snuff is a form of smokeless tobacco that is finely cut. Many people believe that it does not have the same health risks as Source:

  2. Dannie Reply:

    Not medical advice. Snuff has same effects as smoking tobacco, nicotene etc. Addictive. Overuse can cause nose or mouth cancer.

  3. Catheryn Reply:

    Nasal snuff has been linked to nasal dryness, respiratory disease and even Cancer. It is not a healthy habit to start or continue. Source:

  4. Lashawna Reply:

    Chewing tobacco and other forms of smokeless tobacco cause tooth decay. That’s because chewing tobacco contains high amounts More? Source:

  5. Lyn Reply:

    Snuff taking produces a white to yellowish, wrinkled lesion of the oral mucosa at the site where the quid is placed. More? Source:

  6. Janise Reply:

    Where can I find a snuff box for Honest snuff? My grandmother rubs Honest snuff plastic container that it comes. She does not like the in now. She still uses an old metal on

  7. Natalya Reply:

    You should stay away from all snuff! That is the leading cause of mouth cancer! It is terrible stuff! Please stay away from it!

  8. Madie Reply:

    Cigarettes are more dangerous than cigars. Do snuff or cigars have more smoke ? cigars of course!snuff is chew tobaccoalso known as smokeless tobaccoit has

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