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What are lumps in the chest wall of a male?

Just like women, men can suffer from breast cancer, or it could be a cyst of some sort! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Louisa Reply:

    Breast lumps occur when there is a protuberance or swelling in the breast. If the tumorous breast lump is large, or has attached to the muscles in your chest wall, your doctor may recommend What to Look for in Male Breast Cancer Source:

  2. Sheryl Reply:

    A 22-year-old man came to the clinic requesting excision of a chest wall lump. He had been well and denied any trauma, foreign travel, or eating raw pork.

  3. Odessa Reply:

    See a rodent vet as soon as possible. has a list of good rodent vets. The mulp can be a tumor or an abcess or something else, but only a vet can tell you what exactly and how to treat it. Source:'s_chest_what_should_I_do

  4. Julia Reply:

    lumps in chest of 15 year old male? I’m a 15 year old male there is a lump, and they have been there. Under both of my nipples for about a year. Within the chest there are man

  5. Dann Reply:

    Nerves can be damaged, yes! i highly doubt its from a fall though! If nerves were to damage when we fell, we would all have nerve damage! i would suggest seeing another doctor to get a second opinion!Really ask around though for a GOOD doctor!

  6. Andrea Reply:

    Screening and treatments every woman – and man – should know. Any lump in the breast needs investigation because it may be cancer. .. with the muscles down to the chest wall was performed as the lone therapy, (radical mastectomy).

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