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What could it mean if your butt and stomach hurt?

A colon problem causes pain in the stomach and bottom, like colon cancer! In the event that there is something else wrong with your colon, a combination of viral, bacterial, fungal, or lesion-based irritation may be the cause of the painful rectum! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Phoebe Reply:

    If something hurts, your body is telling you to stop. Pain does not mean you're getting a good workout. 2. Start with ab crunches. Sit back in your chair. Straighten Source:

  2. Devorah Reply:

    i have pain in my lower stomach and it hurts like … And its with my stomach i mean if it hurts then my butt will hurt. 5 months ago; Report Abuse

  3. Afton Reply:

    That’s a tough one that you really should discuss with your doctor. People can develop allergies at any time, so it could be an allergy. But cooked egg whites can be a bit tough to digest, so there may be a possibility that your digestive e… Source:

  4. Germaine Reply:

    Worms! Take a bowl of chicken noodle soup and hover over it with your mouth open until the worm crawls out. Then grab it a pull it the rest of the way out. Good luck! Source:

  5. Kimberlie Reply:

    There are many reasons for buttock pain such as sciatica, arthritis, rectal conditions, pelvic fracture or trauma. See your Dr. Source:

  6. Delana Reply:

    My husband bleeds from the butt and is bright red. Not sure whether this is. The bleeding usually happens when from his butt or stomach he is stressed or drinks alot. We ha

  7. Camila Reply:

    If weight loss is your goal, then Capoeira is the definite choice due to the fact that you are ALWAYS moving, unlike other styles! It is hands down the most cardio intensive martial art that there is! Especially since youre complaining about your legs and buns, thats exactly what Capoeira uses most! All the noise about Tae Kwon Do in here is just going to lead you to classes that feature a lot of standing around! Capoeira=weight loss, plus youll have a whole lot more fun doing it, and spend less time thinking about how its exercise! Seriously, trust me on this one!

  8. Cornelia Reply:

    What does it mean when you poop black and your butt hurts? Improve. In: Stomach and Can you answer these Stomach and Abdominal Pain questions?

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