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What does a urinary tumor look like?

Bladder cancer invariably starts from the innermost layer of the bladder and may invade into the deeper layers as it grows! Alternately, it may remain confined to the mucosa for a prolonged period of time! Visually, it may appear in various forms! Most common is a shrub-like appearance but it may also appear as a nodule, an irregular solid growth or a flat! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Nelle Reply:

    Cytology is used to detect many maladies, including cancer in What Do Bladder Stones Look Like? The urinary bladder stores urine until it is released from the Source:

  2. Raisa Reply:

    Having blood in the urine does not necessarily mean a person has cancer, urine that drains into it from the kidney through tube-like structures called the ureters. . likely the tumor is to grow, and how abnormal they look under a microscope.

  3. Stefania Reply:

    Fibroids can very in size. They are generally round and are pinkish or white in color. They have a firm texture but some areas can be soft. You can find more information here:… Source:

  4. Kathe Reply:

    Depending on the type of medical condition the patient is suffering from a tumor can be located anywhere in the body. Tumors range in size and can be tan, yellow, gray, purple, and red. You can find more information here: http://www.abta.or… Source:

  5. Cristi Reply:

    Tumors do not have a set look to them, they can vary in color and shape. It is common for them to be tan, yellow, red, purple or gray in color. Source:

  6. Rolande Reply:

    i need a urinary device for need a picture of these a young male with cerebral? There are devices made by palsy and no urinary control Hollister, Mento and Afex but i to show

  7. Lashaunda Reply:

    Sounds like a Bad Bladder Infection! Females can get it besides males! My female get bladder infections regularly but not THAT bad as I give her rehydrated (formerly dried) cranberry fruit 3 twice a day until it clears up! She needs to go back to the Vet for more antibiotics! You can give her the 3 cranberry fruit as well and then there is Healthy Life cat food that has cranberry in it already!Kitty needs to be fixed as well but right now the bladder infections more important because if it continues it could be fatal!

  8. Lucille Reply:

    One of the things that physicians look for in patients suspected of having transitional cell Patients who have a low-grade tumor in the upper urinary tract will have normal results in up . What is the recuperation period like after the surgery?

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