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What does flax do for you?

Benefits of flax seed include lowering cholesterol and blood pressure! The lignan in flax helps fight diseases like breast cancer! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Narcisa Reply:

    How Does Flax Seed Oil Help With Diet? Flax seed oil can be added to foods to help you get the essential fatty acids What Does Fish Oil Do for the Body? Source:

  2. Angeline Reply:

    Benefits of flax seed include lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. The lignan in flax helps fight diseases like breast cancer.

  3. Shaunda Reply:

    Flaxseeds are useful in treating IBS. They help promote nail and hair growth and also curb tingling and numbness in diabetic patients. They are high in B complex vitamins. Source:

  4. Laila Reply:

    The flaxseed is a powerful little seed that packs a wallop of nutrients, specifically omega-3 essential fatty acids. It also contains the powerful antioxident lignans. If that wasn’t enough, flaxseed also provides fiber, essential to good n… Source:

  5. Rikki Reply:

    Flax is also known as common flax or linseed. I t is an erect annual plant that grows 1.2 m tall and has slender greens leaves. The fruit is round with seeds like an apple. Source:

  6. Sharyl Reply:

    does flax seeds or flax seed’s oil help reduce menstruation cramps seed? are flax seeds available easily? what exactly is a flax in india? i read an article which stated that

  7. Sherilyn Reply:

    Flax seed really does not alter the texture nor taste of anything I have ever used it in ! I always put flax seed in breads and rolls ! It used to be a staple in whole meal bread before the onset of processed , sliced white ! My mother used flax seed in her bread doughs and so do I! I use ground flax seed in a number of different granola and oat bar treats as well ! Unless your taste buds are ultra sensitive , it is almost impossible to distinguish its flavor as it hardly has one ! Flax , like flour will absorb the flavor that it is added to or is introduced to it !I have added it to protein drinks and smoothies ! I have used it in muffins , pancakes and even waffle batter ! It makes an excellent beer batter for frying as well !

  8. Belle Reply:

    Flax seed oil is derived from flax seed. They both have many benefits of which you can read in the link below. However, flax seed is high in fiber and the oil is not

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