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What does it mean if I’m pooping blood?

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  1. Elisabeth Reply:

    And if you are able to expel a hard stool, blood comes with it sometimes. The best way to . What Does it Mean If You Have Bloody Stools? Bloody Stools in Source:

  2. Jonnie Reply:

    You should have put this question in the health section to get the best number of answers. Fresh, bright red blood is usually caused either by an anal fissure, a tear in the lining of your back passage, or by haemorrhoids/piles that have ru

  3. Rolanda Reply:

    According to some naturopathic physicians, your blood type determines which foods are healthiest for you. The theory, which was first postulated by naturopath Peter D’Adamo, says that each blood type is nourished by different types of foods… Source:

  4. Chung Reply:

    Blood in the feces could be a sign of a problem in your digestive system. I sugest seeking medical attention. Source:'m-pooping-blood

  5. Gregoria Reply:

    You may be suffering from rectal bleeding which is the passage of bright red blood from the anus, often mixed with stool and clots Source:'m-pooping-blood

  6. Epifania Reply:

    Whats wrong with my Yorkie Dogshe up blood and pooping out is puking up blood and is coming out? i am worried about my she is pooping and blood yorkie dog she is puking blood

  7. Dorotha Reply:

    Just because theyre saying you have a hemorrhage, does not mean you have one! That used to happen to me!!a lot! Same problem! Almost every single time the water would just be dark red!!I went to the doctor and they did a colonoscopy (they stick a camera tube up your butt and down your throat to see your intestinal track) and it turned out I had open sores in my esophagus and stomach! They then diagnosed me with Crohns! So who knows!!You most likely should go to a doctor! And look out for when you eat something if it hurts your insides!

  8. Rolande Reply:

    Ouch, I'm guessing you're speaking of when you urinate. That is usually caused by What does it mean if you have blood in your poop? It means that you have

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