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What does it mean when you have a dream about you having brain cancer?

To dream that you have cancer, denotes hopelessness, grief, self-pity, and unforgiveness! You feel you are wasting your life away! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Ericka Reply:

    in the memory. When you enter REM or deep sleep, your brain is dreaming to remain active. If you don't remember a dream you think you had, that doesn't mean you didn't have one. Dreams are more The Effects of a Brain Tumor on a Person's Personality on the Brain. What Does a Monkey in a Dream Mean? Source:

  2. Bridgette Reply:

    See what brain tumor in dreams means, along with possible interpretations, below. You can also register free to get your own brain tumor dream interpretation by few months I’ve been getting these awful headaches and medicine does little

  3. Britt Reply:

    She was originally diagnosed in 2005 with grade III astrocytoma. Source:

  4. Judith Reply:

    nobody really knows yet, or they just dont care enough to even calculate the data up Source:

  5. Harold Reply:

    Brain cancers are growths of malignant (harmful) cells that may originate in the brain or metastasize (spread) from other areas in the body. Individuals with brain cancer frequently experience different types of associated seizures. Source:

  6. Anamaria Reply:

    Can Par-4injection kill brain cancer cells and brain and cure brain cancer prevent recurrence of tumors in? My daughter ,aged 19 is suffering from GLEO BLASTOMA MULTIFORME(Gra

  7. Annelle Reply:

    I think it means you had a dream, and thats it! Everyone dreams weird stuff! I dreamed that we buried my grandpa in our yard! So get over it!Post this somewhere else! People with cancer, dont want to read something like this because, they ACTUALLY HAVE IT!!or someone in thier family does!

  8. Yolande Reply:

    "I dreamed had been diagnosed with a brain tumor." When two people are What does it mean when you dream of having sex with your wife's sister? Answer it!

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