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What does it mean when your tongue turns white?

You may have oral cancer if you have a white or red patch on your gums, your tongue, or the lining of your mouth! See a doctor! Any Suggestions here?


  1. September Reply:

    A pale, white tongue can indicate that a person has a Qi or blood deficiency. In TCM, white is What Does it Mean If Your Tongue Turns Black? Imagine looking Source:

  2. Claire Reply:

    Not Medical Advice: White tongue is a coating of debris, bacteria and dead cells found on your tongue.

  3. Celia Reply:

    There are a number of reasons that causes your tongue to turn white. It could be bacteria build-up, try brushing your tongue after you have brushed you teeth to clean it. Also, you could have some type of yeast infection (candida) or it can… Source:

  4. Armanda Reply:

    Your tongue is white because it is covered with taste buds. Its great to have taste buds so you can actually enjoy the fine taste of the foods you eat. Source:

  5. Johnetta Reply:

    A dog uses his tongue for more than lapping up water and slobbering kisses–a dog’s tongue is an important organ used in temperature regulation and digestion. If a dog’s tongue turns white, it could be a sign of a serious health problem. Source:

  6. Thomas Reply:

    White hairy tongue turns to yellowish I noticed the coating turned green..? I had a white coating say for about three months on my tongue I would. The past week or more to ye

  7. Rhiannon Reply:

    Sounds like normal healing! Remember!!!scabs in the mouth are white! Good Luck

  8. Nelle Reply:

    What does it mean when the white square on the back of your phone turns red? What does red dots on the back of my tongue covered with white mean?

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