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What is worse for you, dip or cigarettes?

Both dip and cigarettes are equally bad! Dip can cause lip cancer fast, while cigarettes can cause lung cancer and other problems! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Mirtha Reply:

    If you "dip" or chew tobacco, you probably encounter dry mouth. This gets worse if you smoke cigarettes or cigars. Alcohol and caffeine consumption can also Source:

  2. Stacia Reply:

    Overall, cigarettes. Although, both are very bad for you!

  3. Marcell Reply:

    Its a toss up.If you hold an average-sized plug in your mouth for 30 min, you’ll have as much nicotine as if you had 4 cigarettes. Source:

  4. Sarina Reply:

    Dip is bad for you mouth, while cigarettes are bad for your lungs. Some say they are equally as bad for you. Source:

  5. Collen Reply:

    Cigarettes are worse for you than dip, smokeless tobacco. They both have nicotine and are addictive. Source:

  6. Rose Reply:

    Is fruit- and spice-flavored cigarettes worse or more dangerous obama signing a tobacco regulatin article I was reading about than regular cigarettes? My question comes from a

  7. Holly Reply:

    Both are pretty bad! That is like asking which is worse: Getting your throat cut or getting your head cut off!

  8. Melany Reply:

    Is dip safer than cigarettes? Improve Can you receive 4 cartons of cigarettes via USPS? No, they are equal to smoking for health dangers, if not worse.

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