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What pill has the marking M 14 on it?

A round, orange pill with the imprint of M 14 is Methotrexate Sodium, used to treat certain types of cancer! A round, green pill with the imprint of M and C 14 is Clonazepam, used for the treatment of panic disorders! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Cassondra Reply:

    Many pills are similar in shape, size and color, and it isn't always possible to tell them apart Check out "The Pill Book" by Harold M. Silverman. Choose the latest version — the 14th edition — of this book, which was published in April 2010 . Using the most recent version is important for identification of medications that are Source:

  2. Shirly Reply:

    The pill with imprint 15 M is oxycodone 15 mg. View images and Pill imprint 15 M has been identified as Oxycodone hydrochloride 15 mg. Oxycodone is used

  3. Dorine Reply:

    There are 5mg of hydrocodone in a pill marked M357. This pill also contains 500 mg acetaminophen (generic Tylenol.) Source:

  4. Violeta Reply:

    I did not find any information on a pill called M14. Do you have any other information on it, like how it looks? Source:

  5. Sidney Reply:

    M 89 is 15mg Meloxicam, an NSAID Found on Twice. Google is your friend. Source:

  6. Tambra Reply:

    found pill with marking ip/111 what is this? white in color oblong

  7. Iola Reply:

    Why do you suspect a fertility problem?? You have only just started (August 2009 according to you), so give it at least a year before trying for any expensive tests (there are lots that can be done starting with HSG and hormonal tests)! The blood tests shouldnt be as expensive (and HSG shouldnt be that expensive either, $2500 sounds like a LOT!) but again, first figure out whether you are ovulating or not by charting/OPKs/looking for EWCM, whether you have regular periods, etc! Since u just stopped BC a few months ago, it may take sometime for your cycles/hormone to normalizes as well, so any hormonal blood tests wont tell you much now anyway (your hormones may still be imbalanced for sometime after stopping birth control – for some women, it only takes a month, for others it can take a year to normalize)!Despite the low motility, the semen analysis isnt really that bad at all given such a high sperm count! This would suggest that you DONT need to try every other day (since sperm count isnt an issue, it is BETTER to try daily as that will have higher motility)!With respect to diet, for you, it is better to go low-carb (avoid junk foods, high glycemic carbs, etc!) as insulin can cause fertility issues, most common condition being PCOS! if you want to at least get some test – test for thyroid (TSH), and any STDs (which you can get tested free as well at various places)!Good luck!

  8. Chasidy Reply:

    What is this pill its green has an M on one side and C14 on the other side it is also round? This pill is CLONAZEPAM 1 MG a generic version of Klonopin Imprint

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