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Why are soy products bad for your body?

New studies have raised questions over whether the ingredients in soy might increase the risk of breast cancer in some women, affect brain function in men and lead to hidden developmental ab-normalities in infants! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Parthenia Reply:

    All soy products come from the soybean. Consuming soybeans in their natural form provides your body with protein, iron, manganese and important omega 3 Source:

  2. September Reply:

    Mar 27, 2011 Soy, soy flour and soy products are in almost every packaged food today. . down to is that soy can really mess up your body and your health.

  3. Clare Reply:

    I personally don’t believe soy is bad. There is significant phytoestrogen found in plenty of other foods. Nuts actually have more phytoestrogen, per gram, than soy products do. Peas, sprouts, wholegrains, broccoli – these all have almost as… Source:

  4. Debbie Reply:

    There are two schools of thought on that, and I wouldn’t necessarity believe that it’s all that bad for you, when the Japanese have been using it for a long time and have longevity of life. I do know, however, that the old guy on the "Roex"… Source:

  5. Remona Reply:

    While soy may be beneficial to women in a variety of ways, research in monkeys suggests that it could have an adverse effect on the behavior of men, according to researchers from Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center. Reporting in t… Source:

  6. Pei Reply:

    Does SOY/Soy Milk/Tofu/Soy products, count as DAIRY? Would it be bad for asthma patients? We’re as asthma patients advised to stay away from DAIRY. I’m wondering if Soy Milk,

  7. Lashaun Reply:

    You are right, soy is healthy! Asian cultures have been eating it for centuries and have no problems reproducing and do not have the diseases prevalent in the western world! I have been eating soy all my life, my mom is Japanese, and I am one of the fittest people I know! You can see muscles in my arms, legs and abs without flexing! If soy makes men feminine, how do I manage to have excellent muscle tone and strength after eating soy all my life! I exercise moderately, and eat plant food generously! You are right about the people who criticize soy the most being the westerners eating unhealthy diets, looking to place blame instead of taking responsibility for their health! I personally feel that a lot of these rumors were started by industries that soy competes with such as the meat and dairy industries! As far as genetically modified (GM) soy, we dont know if GMOs are safe or not, because there has not been enough research completed yet! Suspicion arises when there is so much resistance to labeling food in the US which contains GMOs! After all, Japan, Europe, Australia and other countries have passed laws requiring GMO labeling on food, why not the US??Thanks for sharing your views!

  8. Dan Reply:

    to replace the bad ones and generally improve your intestinal flora. If your body overreacts to dairy products, you can also make a yogurt oneself with soy milk.

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