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Why do i poop blood?

Many things could cause rectal bleeding! The two most common causes are anal fissures and hemorrhoids! Constipation can cause both! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Lashaun Reply:

    Fortunately, most causes of blood in the stool are not serious and can be easily remedied. Some instances of blood in the stool can be cause for alarm, however, Source:

  2. Althea Reply:

    Causes of blood in stool range from harmless, annoying conditions of the GI tract such as hemorrhoids to serious conditions.

  3. Sharell Reply:

    Take it to the vet Source:

  4. Mira Reply:

    Hemorrhoid? Blood in stool? either way, please see your health care provider as soon as possible!! Source:

  5. Laquanda Reply:

    it means that you might have ate something with red food coloring or dye. Source:

  6. Cherrie Reply:

    Everytime I go poop it hurts and feels like my intestinse alot and there always blood the tissue paper when i on the poop and on wip my butt and later hurt. Is there anything

  7. Savanna Reply:

    You have hemorrhoids! They`re the swelling of the veins in the anus! Too much straining when you poop, constipation, and diarrhea! If you don`t drink enough liquids, your stools will become hard which will cause straining! Since women often become constipated sometime in their menstrual cycle, hemorrhoids are common among women! Excessive consumption of alcohol or cigarettes may cause and worsen hemorrhoids! The medical treatments are too painful (especially the surgery) and they can be risky! It`s best to go for natural solutions! Here are some natural remedies that will help if you keep up the routine:http://en!wikipedia!org/wiki/Hemorrhoids#Natural_treatments

  8. Antionette Reply:

    Why is there blood when you poop? when you eat popcorn it happens. What to do if you have blood in your poop? You go to the doctors or you might have ur

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