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How to Keep Flies Away from Food

You may have similar questions as How To Keep Flies Away From Food At An Outdoor Party and How Do I Keep Flies Away,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Keep Fruit Flies Away. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Keep Flies from Picnic,too. Read more as following:

Flies are going to land on your food whether it is indoors or out. The best way to prevent this is to keep the food covered. If outdoors, you can get little nets that go over the top of the food to keep them off.

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How to keep flies away from food at an outdoor party?

1. Before bringing the food outside, set up the table where it will be placed. 2. Pour white vinegar into two or three bowls, about three cups per bowl, and place the bowls at the ends and/or center of the table. Put a sign next to the bowls informin… More »

How do I Keep Flies Away?

There are a few different ways to keep flies away. First you need to get rid of their food sources like dog waste or garbage. If that doesn’t work, using fly strips or a bug zapper are the best options…. More »

How to keep fruit flies away?

1. Keep fruits and vegetables in cold storage or in airtight containers. Don’t leave spoiling fruit, or products such as juice, pickles, jams or jellies out in the open. Dispose of empty soda or beer cans or wine bottles. 2. Check your pantry or food… More »

How to keep flies away outdoors?

1. Purchase a really good spray bottle that has a sturdy sprayer head on it. Smaller, reused sprayer bottles don’t work quite as well as the sprayer nozzle tends to quit working very easily, so don’t scrimp. You can buy these at just about any home i… More »

How to keep flying insects away?

1. Put a few drops of essential oil in an essential oil diffuser. Choose lemon balm (citronella), thyme, eucalyptus, peppermint or lavender essential oils as they naturally repel bugs. 2. Light a votive candle. 3. Place the candle below the essential… More »

How to keep flies & mosquitoes away?

1. Have tinfoil or food netting ready to place over the food you are serving. Keep these coverings on all items you wish to leave on the table so that flies do not land directly on your cuisine. 2. Purchase citronella candles and place them around yo… More »

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  1. Roland Pike Iii says:

    I’m in central Texas. Picnics are fun, but we have a big problem keeping flies away from the food once is set out. Even if we can’t eliminate the flies altogether any suggestions on how to reduce the number of flies would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Sassy says:

    Im trying to keep flies away from my pig im raising for FFA and flies are HORRIBLE! Tried tons of things but heard Hydrogen Peroxide and water is amazing! But is it safe to be sprayed on a animals food where most flies are at???

  3. Fergotnfire says:

    i just opened up a rest. and will be opening a patio. does anybody know what i can use to keep flies away oh and mosquitoes at night

  4. Rebecca<3 says:

    I have backyard chickens and I have two preoblems. One flies keep surrounding them, how to keep flies away from them and also my chicken’s hair was plucked off by the rosters. So how long do u think it should take for it grow back?

  5. George says:

    How to keep away flies from indoor lovebird and parakeet (budgies) cage? I wash the cages once in 3 days and change food,water daily. HOW DO I KEEP THEM AWAY!!!

  6. Liv says:

    I think he is ok, he keeps flying away from me when i try to catch him.
    I don’t want to let him out just yet because its wet and cold and he seems very frightened and im worried if i let him out he will die.
    Can anyone give me any advice what to do?

  7. Todd Right says:

    Everytime I go to my compost bin to stir its contents or to add to it, I’m greeted by flies. How do I keep flies away from my bin? Should I cover the contents with something with leaves or dirt after stirring?

  8. Pbphreak says:

    I don’t if it is the dog food from my pets or what, but these stupid flies won’t stay away from my backdoor. No I am not a dirty person. My house stays mostly clean when my kids allow it.

  9. Brodie says:


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