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Is Piperazine Effective for Worms in Cats

You may have such questions as Can Humans Get Worms from Cats and What Do Worms in Cats Look like,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Kind of Worms Does My Cat Have. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Treating Worms in Cats,too. Read more as following:

Piperazine is a common active ingredient in many medications used to help your cat get rid of roundworms. It’s known to work pretty well, when used correctly.

Can Humans Get Worms from Cats?

Yes, humans can get worms from cats who have access to raw meat or the outdoors. The most common way for a human to get worms from a cat is through its feces. This is why it is important to wash your hands thoroughly after changing a litterbox--using... More »

What do Worms in Cats Look Like?

There are several different worms that can infect a cat. Cats that roam outside are more likely to get worms since they can be found in infected prey, eating grass or soil that has been contaminated or from slugs and snails. Worms pass through the bo... More »

What kind of worms does my cat have?

Video Transcript. Let's talk about what types of worms your cat can possibly have. There are three worms that we most associate with cats, one being round worms, two being hook worms, and three being tape worms. Now very commonly a cat could have int... More »


  1. Louie Reply:

    I think my dog has worms so were giving him the D-Worm piperazine which we purchased from pet smart.. it tells us the dosage but doesn’t say how often we give it to her.. like 2 times a day or what? anyone know?

  2. Stu Reply:

    I was just wondering if any one knows about cats and worms, and if they can be transfered to humans or not?

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