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How do Gas Stoves Work

You may have similar questions as How To Install A Gas Stove and How Does A Gas Stove Work,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Hook Up A Gas Stove. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Antique Gas Stoves,too. Read more as following:

A gas stove is a cooking device that use gases like natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, propane, butane and other flammable gas as a fuel source.

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How to install a gas stove?

Assuming there is already a gas line installed, the rest is fairly easy. Set the stove in place, leaving enough room between the stove and wall to work. Attach the corrugated pipes on the stove and coming out of the wall, tighten, then plug in any el… More »

How does a Gas Stove Work?

The stove has a gas line that attached to the back. Once the stove is turned on, a pilot light ignites and gas feeds the flame. The heat from the burning pilot heats the oven, and the gas fed pilot light burners heat pots and pans…. More »

How to Hook Up a Gas Stove?

When hooking up a gas stove it is very important to make sure that the gas is shut off, so that it does escape. You need to have a flex line runner from the to stove, and make sure the connects are tight so that there is no where for gas to escape…. More »

How to donate a gas stove?

1. Test the gas stove to make sure it is in proper working condition. This means checking both the burners and the oven. Charities will only accept gas stoves that work. 2. Clean the stove to prepare it for donation. Typically, the charitable organiz… More »

How to clean a gas stove?

1. Turn off the all burners on the stove and let it cool. 2. Wipe off the outside of the stove using warm, soapy water or spray glass cleaner. Use a clean cloth to rinse it before drying it with a soft cloth. 3. Remove the burner grates and reflector… More »

How to work a gas stove?

1. Turn the knob corresponding to the burner you would like to use to the "lite," "light," "on" or "start" position. The exact wording will depend on the model of stove you own. You may need to push the knob in order to turn it. You will hear a click… More »

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  1. Kels says:

    Yes we use gas for gas stoves, but what kind? We breath in oxygen gas, and we inflate balloons with helium gas, but what type of gas is used for gas stoves? I just want the name.

  2. Thecoolestpersonalive says:

    Wouldn’t an electric stove be easier to clean, cheaper to use, and safer to operate than a gas stove? If so, why do people still buy gas stoves? Is it like solar panels; the initial price is just too much?

  3. Bridget Lynn says:

    I only have ever cooked on an electric stove…what does a gas stove do differently? Do you have to do something really different when going to cook something?

  4. Cassie says:

    I have a gas stove which is working fine but I have no heat. Could the pilot light still be out even though my stove is working?

  5. Kids_r_special says:

    Just moved into an older rental house. I’ve never (or been old enough to remember) had a gas stove before & someone mentioned that there should be some sort of ventilation system. But checking around, I haven’t really found anything to dispute this either way. Anybody?

  6. Korn says:

    I recently moved into a new apartment that has a gas stove. I have never used one before, and I am just really cautious about using it. Are there any tips for using it that would ensure there are no accidents?

  7. Yourfaith says:

    Why do you never see gas ranges or stoves in apartment complexes? It is always electric stoves. Is it against building codes or some law to install gas ranges or stoves? Or is simply a matter of cost? But then, even luxury apartments and condominiums don’t have gas stoves.

  8. Fatoum says:

    My work has some gas stoves we want to sell or give away. We have thought about putting them on Craigslist or finding a refurbished appliance place to buy them. What’s a fair price? They’re typical home stoves – full size oven and four gas stove burners.

  9. Mark Stram says:

    I am thinking of switching from an electric stove to a gas stove using propane, but i have no idea how many gallons of propane would be used in a year for just this appliance. Propane will be used primarily to power a stand alone back-up generator, which is not a daily use!

  10. Na says:

    Gas stoves are available with both type of burners. Which is preferable and has more advantages?

  11. Allison Trimmer says:

    It is said that propane is a better for gas stoves than butane under low temperatures and cold climates.

    But I don’t know why?

    Thanks for helping!

  12. Wasabi32967 says:

    So my parents have a gas stove but they dont have experience in gas stoves.. Only on electric stoves….
    Thankss !

  13. Tobias says:

    Bills are high! I am interested on the cost of converting a gas stove and heating/ hot water to electric? Is there a how it your self? Just asking….

  14. Ali says:

    It is a brand new stove I just got – I have LP gas – and have had gas stoves before and the way this lights very fiercely and burns high – it seems wrong – is there some sort of regulator or adjustment I can make in the back of the stove or on the burner to fix this? Thanks!

  15. Eilish says:


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