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what is the chemical make up for the drug ice

You may have similar questions as What Is the Street Drug Ice Made of and How is the Drug Ice Produced,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Make Ice Drug. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Facts about Ice the Drug,too. Read more as following:

Ice, or a methamphetamine, is normally made from chemicals such as ephedrine, pseudo ephedrine, acetone, alcohol, sodium hydroxide, and sulfuric acid.

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How is the Drug Ice Produced?

Ice is made in many different ways with many different dangerous chemical mixtures. Ingredients include cold tablets, alcohol, acetone, lithium, lye, sodium metal, and other disturbing things you wouldn’t want in your mouth. Ingredients are combined… More »

How to Make Ice Drug?

Ice is another name for the drug crystal meth. It is often made in makeshift labs, and it involves many chemicals. It is dangerous to make because you risk explosion when cooking these chemicals. To find more information click here:…. More »

What does the Drug Ice Look Like?

The drug ice is a street term for Meth. Meth looks like chunks of dirty ice or rock salt. When it is crushed it looks like white powder. … More »

How do you make the drug ice?

Ice is an advanced form of the drug crystal meth. It is formulated in laboratories. It is made from multiple chemicals, and is dangerous to make due to the chance of explosion…. More »

How Long does the Drug Ice Stay in Your System?

The drug ‘ice’ is actually the term used for crystal meth that is smoked in a pipe. It can stay in your system anywhere from 72 hours until almost 7 days with an average of 4 days. Best advice possible? Stay away from the drug!… More »

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  1. Arabella says:

    My son drinks ice tea constantly. He drinks tea in half quart bottles. Approx. 6 a day, sometimes more. There has to be a down side to this.

  2. Leah R says:

    I love a good tall glass of iced tea but am under doctor’s advice to abstain from caffeine. (family history of hypertension) Any suggestions?

  3. Ayame says:

    I’m writing a paper on recreational drugs and the prices. So, what is the difference between hash and hash oil? What is the price differences?

  4. Larreh says:

    I am not taking any drugs or supplements at this time, and am experiencing a flare up with my RA. Would it benefit me to take glucosamine sulfate and how will it help me? Are there any negative effects/side effects from taking it?


  5. Cat says:

    I need a sick day tomorrow to catch up on some work for school and I want to catch a cold. Will holding an ice pack to my forehead give me one, and for how long?
    Any other suggestions?

  6. Madison Miller says:

    I’m moving back to America from overseas. Where can I find a list of items that are forbidden from being sent in the mail? Besides the obvious: guns, bombs, fireworks, drugs…what else that is otherwise legal is not allowed to be sent in the mail?

  7. Kc says:

    Im in a debate with my mother about it. Is it a name of a drug people snort or do they snort the bath salts you actually use in baths?

  8. Hushed Sound says:

    Is there anything that can help immediately?

  9. Bigg says:

    What are America’s plans on the War on Drugs & drug trafficking going into the new year & later? Where can I find information on this?

  10. Sibz says:

    I have never had any adverse reactions before, but it has been several hours and the area is still ‘burning’ and reddish. It feels kind of like a sunburn. I have tried using ice and aloe vera. Please help!!!

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