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How do You Break a Tie Vote

You may have similar questions as Who Breaks Tie Votes In The Senate and Who Breaks A Tie In Senate Votes,or you may also seek several useful information about Who Breaks A Senator Tie In Vote. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Tie Vote and Robert's Rules,too. Read more as following:

If a vote in a public election is a tie, they have a run off election, that is, everyone votes again and hopefully one of the candidates wins the second time.

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Who Breaks Tie Votes in the Senate?

Tie votes in the senate are broken by the vice president. The vice president who has broken the most votes is John Adams. He broke tie votes in the senate twenty-nine times while in office…. More »

Who breaks a tie in senate votes?

The President of the Senate (Vice President of the United States) is given that authority in the US Constitution…. More »

Who breaks tie in electoral votes?

If there is a tie in the Electoral Vote, the U.S. House of Representatives decides. Each state has only one vote…. More »

Who casts the tie breaking vote of the senate?

I think its the vice president…. More »

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  1. M.m.p says:

    I just cant wait to see how the 4 judge panel will be instead of the 3 judge panel and how will they break the tie vote.

  2. Answermenowangryface:) says:

    Please note: This is a hypothetical question. If a single senator abstains from voting, and the vote ends up 66-33 in the Senate, in veto override situation, would the Vice-President be called on to cast a tie-breaking vote?

  3. Loran says:

    Besides being Plan B for the Oval Office and breaking ties in Congress votes, what exactly does the vice president do?

  4. Bachman says:

    Uhm, yeah.. Like the question stated.. If I wanted to find questions that need to be decided by a tie breaking vote how would I do that?

  5. Ryosuke says:

    In undecided questions how does Yahoo assign the best answer when there is a tie vote? I’ve seen a lot of tie votes and wonder. Does Yahoo Answers wait for a tie-breaking vote? What if all votes are cast?
    Then what happens?

  6. Larry says:

    In the rare event that both presidential candidates have an equal number of votes, who is responsible for breaking the tie?

  7. Shortee48 says:

    Does that mean it’s done,or someone can break the tie? I’m not very familiar with voting rules since I have never put my question up for voting before!! I don’t recall seeing any info about tiebreakers in the voting section on here!! So how does this situation work?

  8. Solitary says:

    Republicans that passed the TEMPORARY Bush Tax Cuts through a Filibuster in 2001 that is causing these tax increases.

    Who decided and put into law that taxes will go up in 2011? It was the Republicans with Dick Cheney as the 51st Tie Breaking Vote.

  9. Natmel13 says:

    Imagine the US Senate goes to 50/50 in the 2012 elections and Obama squeaks thru with a victory. This puts Biden as the tie-breaking vote in the Senate…


    Is that frightening or what?

  10. Mystacall says:

    A) Presides over the US Senate.
    B) Must be 35 years old or older.
    C) May be a naturalised citizen.
    D) Breaks tie votes in the US Senate.

  11. Lee says:

    How many times? What was the nature of the bill?

  12. Holly Pennington says:


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