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How can I Get Sour Smells Out of Towels

You may have similar questions as How Do I Get Rid of Towel Odor and How Do You Get the Sour Smell out of Bath Towels,or you may also seek several useful information about Why Do Bath Towels Smell. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Wholesale Bath Towels,too. Read more as following:

You can use baking soda to get the sour smell out of your towels. Soak the towels in the sink or tub in baking soda water. Then wash as usual.

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How do I Get Rid of Towel Odor

Sometimes when towels are not dried thoroughly, or too many are stuffed in the washer at one time, the towels will end up with a bad smell. The best solution is to make sure you are not overfilling the washer with too many items, and make sure the dr… More »

How to get the sour smell out of bath towels?

1. Fill the washer with hot water and add 2 cups of white vinegar. Allow the washer to agitate for two minutes and add the towels. Set the washer for the longest wash cycle. Do not add detergent or fabric softener. Let the towels wash in the vinegar… More »

Why do bath towels smell?

The chemical odor in fabric comes from the factory where it was made. Most fabrics are treated in factories. Between the ink used to dye the cloth, the machines that sew it together, the chemical treatment to take out wrinkles and the mechanical clot… More »

How to Clean Musty Smelling Towels?

To clean musty smelling towels you might want to just throw them back in the washer and then put them in a dryer with a good smelling dryer sheet…. More »

How to Get Sour Smell Out of Towels?

Well you can try to rewash them and see if that helps. You can also wash them then hang them outside to air dry. If that doesn’t work you may need new towels…. More »

How to prevent a sour smell in towels?

1. Hang your towels on a hook or towel rack promptly after you are done using them. This allows the towels to air out, preventing the growth of mildew. Do not throw your towels onto the floor; only place them into a laundry hamper after they have ful… More »

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  1. The Mexican L says:

    I don’t know why, but my towels have a sour smell. I put them in the dryer right after the wash is done, I wash them regularly, but still they get a nasty smell to them.

  2. Exotica says:

    I used a soured damp towel to wipe up something from the carpet before it sank into it..but the smell from the carpet is now a bit sour as well..

    what would be the best thing to get this sour smell from the carpet fibers and make it like before?

  3. Arely Diaz says:

    I use a good detergent, liquid softener & dry thoroughly but they still have a sour smell. Please help!

  4. Jessielynn Smith says:

    Ok, I had a whole gallon of sweet tea (I live in the south) spill in my floor board. I used several towels to soak it all up and thought I had cleaned it…now it has a strong soured smell. Help!

  5. Goesto says:

    Ill start drying off with them and notice a sour smell…ewwwww.
    I dont have hot water in my washer..long story. Without carrying it into the laundryroom.
    Yea ok guilty as charged I guess I didnt realize that may be the reason not drying them right away.

  6. Kiki Wiki says:

    There is no mildew on them, I have washed them with bleach, I have hung them outside in the sun to dry, but the smell persists. Your suggestions would be helpful

  7. Samantha W says:

    I have tried using different detergents and fabric softeners but it still leaves a sour smell on my clothes. My washer has been doing this for about 5 months…i dont know what to do!

  8. Giachetta says:

    I think he has a drinking problem. I hear it splashing into the wastebasket although he keeps pretty quiet. He puts paper towels over it so people don’t see it. It’s a really nasty sour smell that makes me want to puke.

  9. March M says:

    My daughter spilled milk a few days ago and never told me, now i have sour smell in a few spots.

  10. What The Smurf says:

    I’ve tried several different fabric softners and they only last a couple days. I think its more intense on the thicker more expensive towels. Please help

  11. Theredspot says:

    I don’t want to just cover the smell with perfumy detergent, but really get the clothes clean.

  12. Xai says:

    I use liquid fabric softener, but sometimes my towels still smell a little sour coming out of the washer. Don’t want to use bleach as it will wear out the towels much sooner. Any products or tricks out there that would help with this?

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