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How do I Get Crayon Off a Painted Wall

You may have similar questions as How To Clean Crayon Off Of A Painted Wall and How To Get Crayons Off Of Paint On The Wall,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Get Crayon Marks Off A Painted Wall. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Painting Ideas for Walls,too. Read more as following:

To get crayon off a painted wall, use a mixture of vinegar and water. Use a pot scratcher to scrub the vinegar on the crayon. Wipe with a damp cloth when done.

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How to clean crayon off of a painted wall?

1. Scrape thick applications of crayon wax off your painted walls using the edge of a credit card. Wipe the credit card edge with a clean cloth and continue to scrape up as much crayon residue as possible. 2. The same mayonnaise used for cooking and… More »

How to get crayons off of paint on the wall?

1. Rub any loose crayon off the painted wall with a soft rag. Alternately, wrap a spatula in a soft rag and use it to remove the loose crayon. 2. Spray a car part lubricant onto the remaining crayon and wipe the crayon away with the soft rag. For wal… More »

How to get crayon marks off a painted wall?

1. Do not wet the marks, or use chemicals such as window cleaner! 2. First, place a small amount of toothpaste on your dry cloth, and rub the marks in a circular motion. Don’t spend too long in one small area, particularly if your paint isn’t the "sc… More »

How to Get Crayon Off the Wall?

To remove crayon from a wall, try wiping the markings with a dryer sheet. That should remove most of it. Then try a little bit of baking soda on a damp sponge to get any left behind…. More »

How to get crayon off of the wall without taking off the paint?

1. Attempt to remove the crayon from the wall with toothpaste first. Apply a quarter-size dollop of toothpaste to a cloth. 2. Rub the toothpaste in circular motions over the crayon marks. Remove as much crayon as possible. 3. Moisten another cloth wi… More »

How to remove crayon off walls?

1. Take a can of hairspray and spray until you have covered all of the area that has been colored. 2. Once you have the covered the area, let the hairspray sit for approximately ten to fifteen minutes. 3. Take a rag, get it wet, and wring as much of… More »

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  1. Shannon Callah says:

    My daughter drew on my wall today with black crayon, the wall is painted with flat off white paint. I’ve tried baby wipes and toothpaste, and it only spread the color a little and lightened the crayon. What will work to take it off?

  2. Sabrina says:

    How can I get crayon off of my wall without rubbing off the paint?

  3. Brittany W says:

    What can i use to remove crayon and marker off the wall without damaging the paint?

  4. Kailey says:

    My son took a red, green and purple crayon to our wall. The paint is not the shiny kind its the cheap apartment kind. What can I use to get the crayon off without taking the paint off or damaging the wall?

  5. Gabi says:

    My daughter drew with crayon all over her window and the wall. How can I wash the crayon off both surfaces?

  6. Josh Smith G.o.a.t says:

    My son somehow found some crayons and an ink pen last night and decided to make art all over my white walls. Last time, I used clorox wipes and the crayon came off but this time theyre not washable crayons! Any suggestions? Do not want to paint over til I try everything!

  7. Legit Epikness :3 says:

    Unfortunately when I have tried to clean other marks off, using water and a spray just takes the paint off. And don’t b*llock me for using that type of paint, believe me I know it was a mistake.

  8. Natmel13 says:

    The kiddies decided to draw on the wall and we are expecting an out of town guest. Any tricks?

  9. Rose-marie Albans says:

    What about pencil? Can you just erase it or will it damage the paint?

  10. Waist Deep In Horses says:

    My toddler went crayon-happy today on the wall. Can I just use soap and water? The paint is the regular egg-shell kind.

  11. Brandon Rodriguez says:

    I have blue crayon marks on my wood grain wall, which has tan colored latex paint. I’ve tried a few things to scrub it off but I haven’t found anything that works yet. Any suggestions?

  12. Shaz says:

    My twin girls love to color the walls with marker, crayons, and pens(ink)..I need some hints on how to remove the marks without taking the paint off the walls. I’ve tried those Mr.Clean Magic Erasers, but they don’t work well on marker.

  13. Samanta F says:

    It stains like Oil marks on the walls and when I scrub the blue paint comes off also..
    I tried the vinegar because I use it to clean everything.

    I didn’t know he did it until the next morning. He did it right before bed. I am not a dirty person. I am a clean freak with OCD.

  14. Mahmoud says:

    i have a little sister who is 3 years old. she draws on our walls sometimes. i tried using mr. clean magic erasers but the paint kept coming off. how do i get drawings off my wall without the paint coming off?

  15. Hunter says:

    My walls are wood panelling, painted with satin finished paint. I’ve tried the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser; it works well, but you have to use some elbow grease. I’ve also tried vaseline, which takes it off easily, but leaves a greasy spot. Heavy cleaners take off the paint … any other tricks?

  16. Shane says:

    My 2 yr old decided to play Picasso on the wall and was wondering if anyone on here has had similar experience and if anyone has any advice on what would best remove it without damaging the paint or leaving stains behind….thanks

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